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D. Parvaz saw it coming on Palin-Fox hookup

D. Parvaz, who wrote incisive, drive-the-right-wing-wild columns for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial page before the paper’s demise, had an early read on the political and financial calculations that would drive Sarah Palin and Fox News together. As Parvaz noted today, her “something to say” blog predicted Palin’s just-announced contract with Fox back in July.

The original item, which expressed elation for the people of Alaska about Palin’s resignation as governor, included this thought on the future: “Palin’s next career move will likely be a farce of a memoir and highly-paid gigs as a commentator on Fox News (perhaps her pal Greta Van Susteren can show her the ropes?) and as a spokesperson for the anti-choice movement, like, say, Concerned Women for America, which backed her during her silly spat with David Letterman.”

My own first reaction, somewhat overstated and posted as a comment on her blog earlier, was that Parvaz had predicted the Fox contract after first asking herself: What would be truly manipulative, abusive, propagandistic?

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