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    Reader-supported reporting and commentary

    Crosscut Week in Review: Some of the most read and commented stories.

    Crosscut launched its fall membership drive this week, and we will talk about the reasons we need reader-support to provide quality, non-profit journalism into early October. But our coverage of the news and our discussion of life in the Northwest continues.

    So, if you have a few minutes to to catch up with our stories from the past week, here are some of the highlights that drew the most readership and comment.

    "If you hate Baby Boomers, this is the article is for you," by Knute Berger.

    "Seattle loves waiting, in private life and public process," by Roger Valdez.

    "Oil-soaked oysters, contaminated salmon, 'radioactive' wine," by Ronald Holden.

    "Seattle should invite the world (again)," by Berger.

    "Greening access to Seattle's nearby national parks," also by Berger.

    "A sweaty-palmed night with Jonathan Franzen," by Michele Matassa Flores.

    "Small critters should land in more of Seattle's ethical meals," by Hugo Kugiya.

    We are pretty new at membership drives, so I welcome your comments. We hope we are doing a good job of making the pitch for support for good journalism without getting in the way of top-quality reading opportunities.

    Have a good weekend.

    Joe Copeland is political editor for Crosscut. You can reach him at Joe.Copeland@crosscut.com.

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