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Membership drive: A Kindle-r, gentler side

As a non-profit, Crosscut very much depends on its membership for support. We will be telling you quite a lot about the journalistic values that you can support during the fall membership drive that started this week.

We really do rely on members’ support to build the base for improving our coverage, the range of offerings, and the wealth of insight and news our writers bring to you. Without the demonstrated support and interest of local contributors, Crosscut wouldn’t have a shot at getting significant foundation support.

But since this is a Friday, let’s leave that aside and quickly point out that there’s a fun aspect to our membership drive. There is stuff to be won. By signing up or renewing as a member by the end of the day Saturday (11:59 p.m.), you are automatically entered in a chance to win a Kindle in that week’s drawing. The drive runs into the first week in October. My guess is that, compared to a lot of other giveaways, the odds will be pretty good.

And if you win, our tech expert Jon Sayer will be happy to get you started by having Crosscut delivered to your new Kindle. In any case, your participation will help in our efforts to create new electronic opportunities for public involvement and to fill the gaping holes left by the collapse of so much traditional journalism.

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