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    New poll: Advantage, Rossi

    A new poll indicates the challenger Dino Rossi has a slight advantage over Sen. Patty Murray.

    A new Rasmussen poll this morning (Oct. 8) continues the storyline in the U.S. Senate race:  This contest is very close, with Dino Rossi holding a very slight advantage. 

    Rasmussen shows Rossi ahead 49 to 46 percent.  This is a slight uptick for Rossi in the Rasmussen poll of a week ago, and confirms that the race is trending Rossi’s way.

    In addition, Senator Murray’s money advantage, which played a factor in her September surge, is gone.  Both campaigns are flush with cash and saturating the airwaves, and outside Republican groups have decided to target this race and spend roughly $4 million on advertising

    Finally, it feels like the Murray campaign has taken their best shots at Rossi and failed to knock him out.  Their latest ad merely recycles earlier messages on the financial reform issue.  Rossi has been hit with weeks of attack ads and is still slightly ahead.  What more can Murray and the D's do to alter this race, especially in this political atmosphere?

    Two TV debates remain.  If Rossi gets through those unscathed, this race will come down to the national tide and voter turnout.  Advantage Rossi.

    Chris Vance is a public affairs consultant who lives in Auburn and an adjunct faculty member in the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Affairs. He was chair of the Republican Party in Washington from 2001-06, a King County Council member from 1994-2001, and a state representative from 1991-93. He can be reached at cvapv@comcast.net.

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