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    Letter to editor: Seattle Public Schools are missing the boat

    Amid political posturing, the school system overlooks many students.

    Seattle School Board

    Seattle School Board Seattle Public Schools

    The Seattle Public Schools continue to totally miss the boat with regards to educating our children. Thousands of children fall through the cracks each year due to antiquated teaching methodology, and those who do graduate receive a substandard education.

    The SPS conducts mandatory testing for "execellerated" students but fails to test for those with reading, comprehension, math, and other language learning challenges. These bright students suffer as a result with low self esteem, and fail in an educational system that attempts to be elitist, yet barely even competes with private schools. This is why an incredible number of private schools have sprung up in the last 20 years.

    The School Board continues to politically posture yet has not even seriously taken a look at the lack of democratic orientation of the Seattle Public Schools. It exists "For The Sake Of The Kids."

    DF Jensen

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