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Midday Scan: The abridged edition

Midday Scan is taking a personal day. Who knew blogs took days off? 

We’re told that it is proper and has something to do with the Nordic background of the usual author and the generous benefits granted workers in Scandinavia. In any case, Scan will return Friday or there will be hell to pay in Scan-dinavia.

A cryptic message did indicate that these stories would be especially worth the time of all civically engaged Northwest residents.

The News Tribune“Partisan budget rift spurs special session”

Seattle Times, “Arena backer says he’s willing to be very patient”

Publicola.com, “Candidates lining up for open seats in 36th, 46th”

The Herald“Among Reardon’s emails, signs of obstruction”

Idaho Statesman, “Idaho Gov. Otter to feds: Pony up more cash for wolves”

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