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    Midday Scan: Boeing's make-up gift to Everett

    Boeing eyes ways to expand production in Everett. Meanwhile, Alaska and its oil companies are looking more and more like some bizarre Downton Abbey metaphor and Washington's public schools are faced with shrinking budgets.

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    "At first, it seemed like a normal Friday night at the Green Bean Coffeehouse in Greenwood. An elderly woman lounged in a red chair. A barista took orders behind the bar. Then there was the harpist setting up in the corner next to the violinists," Dawson writes. 


    Link Summary

    Seattle Times, "Everett a strong bet for future 777 line"

    Anchorage Daily News, "Tax plan gives money back to oil companies, consultant says" 

    EarthFix, "Tribal group claims sea lions munch more salmon than previously thought"

    The News Tribune, "Fewer students mean less state money for schools"

    Seattlepi.com, "Seattle coffee shops: 'Hope for the future of classical music?'"

    Peter Jackson is the former editorial page editor of the Everett Herald. Follow him on twitter at @phardinjackson

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