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    Afternoon Jolt: Boeing, Litzow score Tuesday wins

    The day's winners and losers.
    State Sen. Steve Litzow (R)

    State Sen. Steve Litzow (R) Washington State Legislature

    Today's winner: State Sen. Steve Litzow.

    Democratic state Rep. Deb Eddy (D-41) announced this week that she's co-chairing Republican Sen. Steve Litzow's (R-41) re-election campaign.

    Having a Democrat chairing a Republican's campaign is a powerful message in the Eastside Seattle suburbs — independent, swing district turf where voters supposedly shy away from partisanship.

    Litzow has benefited in the district by siding with the Republicans on fiscal issues while being liberal on social issues; he voted for the gay marriage bill earlier this year and has a pro-choice voting record (and once served on the NARAL PAC board). Litzow was elected in 2010, beating out a liberal Democrat, Sen. Randy Gordon.

    However, Litzow besmirched his pro-choice record during this year's heated session by voting against a Democratic Senate majority leader Sen. Lisa Brown's (D-3, Spokane) attempt to forward the Reproductive Parity Act, which would have required health plans that cover maternity care to also cover abortions.

    The Democrats saw an opening and are fielding a solid challenger, Maureen Judge, who noted in her announcment: “His votes killed the Reproductive Parity Act. This is why I am running for this seat. Women and kids deserve better than elected officials who put party above people.”

    Jolt asked Eddy, a super-pro-choice vote, about Litzow's lapse on the Reproductive Parity Act, and she called Brown's attempt to attach the bill to the budget a "power play." (Basically, after the GOP commandeered the Senate floor by suspending business with the 9th Order, Brown tried to stall the GOP from passing its budget by attaching the RPA to it, which would have forced the Republicans to vote against the budget, screwing their own power play. Brown's move failed.)

    "Of course, Steve had to vote against adding it to the 9th order motion," Eddy harumphs. "That would have forced him to vote against the budget he supported. It is very telling in my humble opinion," she continues, "that [Sen.] Lisa [Brown] never brought the bill up for a vote again. ... Were there insufficient Democratic votes? I signed a letter to the speaker, asking that he make it a must-have for sine die ... but nothing came of it."

    Her final analysis: "If we're constantly putting pro-choice Republicans on the spot, it shouldn't be a surprise that it's going to be hard to get moderate problem-solvers elected. We're close to gridlock right now. So, I believe in problem-solvers." 

    Judge didn't immediately answer a call for comment.

    Today's winner: Boeing.

    The U.S. Senate passed the Export-Import Reauthorization Act, which finances U.S. exports to foreign nations, today. Boeing, the Everett-based plane manufacturer, is the U.S. Export-Import Act's largest beneficiary.

    Related winners: Washington state's U.S. Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Jaime Herrera Beutler, who defied Tea Party opposition to the Act (which Tea Party Republicans called a government boondoggle). Both McMorris Rodgers and Herrera Beutler voted for the Act.

    Erica C. Barnett was the news editor for Seattle's online news site, PubliCola, where she covered city hall, transportation, land use, and state politics. She had also been the news editor and city hall columnist for The Stranger. In 2007, the King County Municipal League named Erica its Government Affairs Reporter of the year. She can be reached at erica.barnett@crosscut.com.

    Award-winning journalist Josh Feit founded and edited the online news site PubliCola, where he also did double duty as the state house reporter, covering the legislature in Olympia. Before that, for nine years, he was the news editor and political columnist at Seattle's alt-weekly, The Stranger. He can be reached at josh.feit@crosscut.com.

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    Posted Tue, May 15, 4:09 p.m. Inappropriate

    I thought Crosscut had editors. How many times do we have to remind you that Eddy represents the 48th District, and not the 41st? This is at least the third time I have caught you on this.

    Besides, if you did your homework, you'd know that Eddy endorses Republicans, and Republican policies, regularly. She has always been a competent, conscientious, committed, consistent legislator, but never much of a Democrat, and I wish her well in her long-overdue retirement.


    Posted Tue, May 15, 4:37 p.m. Inappropriate

    Yep, two columns on their second day, each with an error of fact. And in the second column, they amplified the factual error of the first.

    They repeated the baseless accusation: "Litzow besmirched his pro-choice record during this year's heated session by voting against a Democratic Senate majority leader Sen. Lisa Brown's (D-3, Spokane) attempt to forward the Reproductive Parity Act."

    Then they belittled the factual rebuttal to their baseless accusation. One of the targets wasn't said to "answer" or "respond" to it, but rather that she "harrumphed," as if what she said was illegitimate, suspect, or untrue, and that she herself was arrogant.

    Crosscut, you need to make it clear to Josh 'n Erica that they'll be held to higher standards than they've been accustomed to. You need to tell them that they can't shade the truth, and then double-down by repeating the unfounded accusation and combining it with an ad hominem attack and a partisan spin of a truthful rebuttal.

    If you let the John 'n Erica Show practice "journalism" that way here, your readers will soon begin to think that Crosscut doesn't care about facts, and that any of your claims to non-partisanship are just more of the usual Seattle "progressive" hypocritical weaselry. What'll it be, Crosscut? Standards, or hackery?

    Crosscut, people are watching. And Josh 'n Erica? There's a reason you failed at your last gig. Clean up your act. It's not so cute anymore.


    Posted Tue, May 15, 4:52 p.m. Inappropriate

    Josh and Erica are still picking winners and losers?


    Posted Tue, May 15, 6:35 p.m. Inappropriate

    So far I'm very disappointed in what the PubliCola people have contributed to Crosscut...looks to me like they both need to take a little break from all these non-news "flashes" and start to be a little more careful about what they say and what they imply. I enjoyed their on line posts but now it looks like they have a lot more to learn if they want to be here on Crosscut.


    Posted Tue, May 15, 8:02 p.m. Inappropriate

    Well, we've had two stories with factual errors, and one with the breathtaking news that the unmarried county executive was fornicating with someone not his non-wife. If this is Publicola, does anyone need them?


    Posted Tue, May 15, 9:29 p.m. Inappropriate

    Does anyone need your breathless commentary? The only change from your posts at Publicola that I see is that your cursing is no longer anglo-saxon. If you can't actually add something to the discussion...


    Posted Tue, May 15, 9:52 p.m. Inappropriate

    That wouldn't be a classic ad hominem attack that you just launched, would it? Nah, a Seattle "progressive" would never use the same device commonly seen among wingnuts at FreeRepublic!


    Posted Tue, May 15, 10:47 p.m. Inappropriate

    Thanks to those who pointed out the errors in the stories. It does seem like something that should be caught before "press time".

    But I have to say that I have enjoyed the addition of the PubliCola writers to Crosscut. Different perspectives and a different style of writing that I think is a value add to Crosscut.


    Posted Wed, May 16, 7:44 a.m. Inappropriate

    Crosscut, despite the hackery of Van Dyk and Berger, who I have learned to ignore altogether, and despite Brewster's elitism and pathological centrism, has enough good reporting and writing to make me a daily reader.

    I hate to think that Crosscut has sunk so low as to whore itself out for clicks. But that's how it appears, because that's the only "value" these two odious little wretches add.


    Posted Wed, May 16, 12:15 p.m. Inappropriate

    Josh and Erica's inability to get facts right is a serious issue. Even if I agreed with them, I'd be after them for it. Crosscut, without facts there can be no journalism. Tell those two that they have to get it right, or leave.


    Posted Wed, May 16, 1:07 p.m. Inappropriate

    Welcome to 'Spank the editor' day. Will there be an announcement of yet another group called "CrosscutComments.com" with the mission statement of "commenting with corrections on everything because we can't originally generate or report on anything"?


    Posted Wed, May 16, 2:46 p.m. Inappropriate

    Maybe we should just make it up, like Josh and Erica so frequently do? As long as we call ourselves "progressive," then you'll be all for it, right?


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