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    The Daily Troll: More highways. Burning over coal. A homegrown music video.

    Will Gregoire urge us to build more highways? Advocating (and dodging) on coal. Fun with the number 12.
    Seattle Rock Orchestra's Scott Teske and Tamara Power-Drutis.

    Seattle Rock Orchestra's Scott Teske and Tamara Power-Drutis. Vincenzo Frattarola

    Today's secretary of state Sam Reed, right, then an aide to Secretary of State Lud Kramer.

    Today's secretary of state Sam Reed, right, then an aide to Secretary of State Lud Kramer.

    Washington State Governor, Christine Gregoire

    Washington State Governor, Christine Gregoire Wikimedia Commons

    Highways for Washington?

    Before she's out the door, Gov. Chris Gregoire is planning to push out a new transportation package next week. Today, Seattle Transit Blog, commenting on an Associated Press report from Tuesday, looks at what she said — and didn't say — and warns that, without strong leadership from the governor's office for transit, the tendency in the Legislature may be to tilt heavily toward highways. 

    And writer  notes, "She’s said it would 'rival' the 2005 highway expansion package, which included almost nothing for transit."  But he does like her emphasis on maintaining highways rather than expanding them, as some will seek.

    Coal port wars

    With hearings this afternoon in Vancouver for the southern part of the state and Thursday for Seattle, the advocates on both sides of shipping coal to China are upping their games. 

    The sustainability organization Sightline has posted a video of its researcher Eric de Place being interviewed on a local Moral Politics broadcast for public access Seattle Community Media. It's entitled  "COAL: Disaster for the Northwest." Any questions on the viewpoint?

    The Alliance for Northwest Jobs, which favors coal exports, is holding a press conference before the Seattle meeting that draws in the top labor figures for the region plus an Alliance for Washington Business representative. That lineup probably explains why Gov. Chris Gregoire and successor Jay Inslee have been so equivocal on the issue.

    Mayor Mike McGinn, though, has got to be loving the chance to show his environmental focus. Already on record about coal trains' impact on traffic, this morning he announced a study to look at economic impacts — presumably negative — on the city, the Port of Seattle and the Duwamish and north waterfront industrial areas.

    Tour biz gone awry in North Korea

    The Herald in Everett, citing news reports, wrote this morning that a Lynnwood man is being held in North Korea — and has been for the past month. Kenneth Bae, a Korean American citizen, leads tours to the isolated nation and is involved with a Protestant religious movement. 

    North Korea's latest missile launch is being viewed as a success (great). Maybe the hermit nation's latest Criminal Leader will be moved to be generous in his treatment of a suspect/hostage? 

    New Congressman staffs up

    Norm Dicks' successor in Congress, Derek Kilmer, has named three people to be members of his staff, The News Tribune reported this afternoon. In at least one case, it looks like Kilmer may have had advice from Dicks, long noted for high quality staffers (Dicks is no Rick Larsen, whose staffers were caught last year posting a series of lewd tweets). 

    Kilmer's deputy district director, Joe Dacca, comes from Dicks' staff. And the chief of staff, Jonathan Smith, has worked in other congressional staff positions, including on armed services (an area of Dicks' expertise), though in the Senate rather than in the House. Local connections abound: Smith worked at a Seattle-based law firm and Dacca is a UW and Gig Harbor High grad, in addition to having worked for Kilmer in the Legislature before joining Dicks' staff. And the new district director, Meadow Johnson, is a lifelong resident of the congressional district.

    12th day, 12th month ... 12th Man!

    The Seattle Seahawks came up with a cool way of working their 12th Man shtick into the day's 12/12/12 calendar date. They picked an original season ticket holder, Paul Poliak, to raise the "12 Flag" before a team practice session today. 

    The flag raising was, naturally, at 12:12:12, according to a team Facebook posting. (But who's counting?) The Hawks posted a little video on Facebook. We'll call it charming. (You want to argue? The video had more than 1,000 likes by about 2:30 p.m.)  

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    Posted Thu, Dec 13, 9:40 a.m. Inappropriate

    Rep Larsen has a record of hiring excellent staff. Over the course of Larsen's elected career, There was only the one incident involving three very young staffers, all of whom were leaving their jobs.

    Larry Ehl

    Posted Thu, Dec 13, 4:16 p.m. Inappropriate

    Don't get around much any more... where were those interior shots done? Looks sort of familiar, but then a lot of old buildings had grand lobbies.


    Posted Sun, Dec 16, 9:41 a.m. Inappropriate

    Some women in power are liars. Gregoire is a DINO doing dirty work for the big boys of big coal and highway robbery. Grace Crunican and Laura Hammond likewise hide lies behind petulently feminine smiles. Seattle city council adores sweetly warbling lies.


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