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Many thanks to Mark Ufkes and Kai Fujita some of our many supporters.


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    Here's to more thoughtful journalism in the New Year

    Thanks to supporters like you, Crosscut has come a long way in the last few months.

    David Brewster

    David Brewster

    Dear readers and supporters of Crosscut. I hope you, like me, have been noticing all the improvements on Crosscut in recent months. After some cutbacks this summer, Crosscut is back to full strength, with lots of stories each day, new features (regular Olympia coverage, the Daily Troll each afternoon) and many new writers and topics.

    This is made possible by support from dedicated readers who value this kind of thoughtful, deeply informed, and original reporting and commentary that Crosscut specializes in. It takes hundreds of readers who value and support Crosscut with their annual donations to make this public-interest, free-to-all journalism possible. I hope you will send in your annual tax-deductible donation, becoming a Member, here at year end.

    My main task in this past year has been to help guide the succession planning, resulting in the arrival of our new publisher/CEO, Greg Shaw. Greg and the team at Crosscut have brought energy and new strategic clarity to Crosscut, and I think you can sense that in each daily edition. Stories are now more timely, “newsier,” and often presented with digital enhancements like slide shows and video. We’ll shortly be adding a new senior editor as well as other experienced staff in fundraising, event-production and technology.

    It’s very gratifying to me to see the site “on a roll.” Please help keep it there through your annual Membership contribution (which earns you many benefits); by your active participation by sending in comments, suggestions and story ideas and by coming to member events. Crosscut is a new model of local journalism, very much for the community good and directed by the community. You’ll feel much more vested in this civic community if you invest in our mutual success.

    Thanks for all the help and faithful reading of Crosscut in the past years. Together we have created a crucial civic institution, in a tough time for the media. I wish you all a happy new year!

    David Brewster is founder of Crosscut and editor-at-large. You can e-mail him at david.brewster@crosscut.com.

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    Posted Thu, Dec 27, 9:20 a.m. Inappropriate

    Is there any major issue, political or economic, that journalism today has not just "covered," but analyzed. It is more like assigning secretaries to a task. Take notes from official releases, make sure all content is politically correct (think about what that means)and then dutifully record and disseminate. Thus no serious questions are asked about such things WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION, unsustainable illegal and legal immigration population growth, and the tweedledee/tweedledum politics of our two-party system.

    Posted Fri, Dec 28, 11:32 p.m. Inappropriate

    I be happy with just more real journalists.


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