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Photos: Seattle’s big fat gay wedding

Freya Wormus, left, and Alex Martin sewed their wedding gowns 10 years ago when they made their commitment together.

Judge Karli Kristine Jorgenson officiates at the City Hall marriage of Keith Bacon, left, and Corianton Hale.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn talks to the crush of media who came to witness the first same-sex marriages.

Grooms held hands tight during the ceremonies.

Karen Swanson, left, and Lynn Giles show off their rings.

Allison Kelsey and Johanna Flynn prepare to feed each other cupcakes donated by Cupcake Royale for the event.

Colorful cupcakes were among the many foods and beverages donated by local businesses to celebrate the weddings.

Stephen Austin and Michael Pirkle pose for pictures on the plaza of City Hall.

This happy couple put on a show with a dramatic kiss.

Emotions were high in the crowd who waited to cheer on the newly married couples.

Bob Clark, left, and Dr. Peter Shallit have been together 14 years. They said they appreciated everything the Mayor did to organize this celebration.

Allison Kelsey and Johanna Flynn have been waiting 23 years for this day to finally wed.

Happy couples promenaded down the steps to a receptive crowd.

Children handed out flowers to the wedding couples as they emerged. 


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