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    The Daily Troll: Counting the NW votes on 'cliff.' Begging for Windows Phone apps. First tabby of the new year.

    Online petitioning targets apps for Windows Phones. GOP votes in the Northwest: solidly with Obama. Dems: Not so much.
    Crookshanks and adoptive parents, Natalie and Paul Delaurenti.

    Crookshanks and adoptive parents, Natalie and Paul Delaurenti. King County Flickr account

    Online petitions for apps

    Some users of Microsoft's Windows Phone are trying a new tack to get more apps for their phones: online petitions. Todd Bishop at GeekWire writes about the phenomenon this morning, saying it's a sign of both user loyalty and "lingering holes" in the availability of some major phone applications. Maybe the bigger news comes from tech news star Bishop: He just switched to Windows Phone, and he's happy with his initial hunt for apps.

    Fiscal cliff voting

    You might say President Obama got better support from Washington's U.S. House Republicans than Democrats in the voting on the fiscal cliff. All four Republicans — Dave Reichert, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Doc Hastings and Cathy McMorris Rodgers — voted in favor, making Washington one of just three states nationally in which multiple Republican members voted unanimously for the deal, according to Jeff Mapes of The Oregonian.

    Mapes also notes that two of the state's five Democrats (we get one more when the new Congress convenes) voted against the deal: Adam Smith and Jim McDermott. There's nothing so far on McDermott or Smith's congressional websites to explain their votes, but Smith's Facebook page links to a ThinkProgress.org story where he is reported as saying the measure could lead to spending cuts in the future because the deal doesn't raise enough revenue. (Update: Smith has posted a statement here.)

    It's tempting to view the Smith-McDermott votes as the Democratic equivalent of the my-way demands of the Republican right. But it's not really the same, when you consider the reaction from the TheTeaParty.net in an email today, promising support for GOP primary challengers to those Republicans who supported tax increases: 

    "This is war. Congress is going to learn that the Tea Party has not lost its bite," said Todd Cefaratti, founder of TheTeaParty.Net.

    Presumably, the Northwest Republicans are not shaking in their boots. Oregon, the focus of Mapes' article, had an even more pronounced shift. Mapes wrote: "Three of the state's four Democratic representatives voted against the deal — Suzanne Bonamici was the only aye vote — while the state's sole Republican representative, Greg Walden, voted for it."

    Burien city job requirements

    If you are going to earn $94,000 to $110,000 as assistant public works director for the city of Burien, you better be capable of frequent sitting, lifting 10 pounds, "fingering" and "occasional feeling," according to the hyperlocal B-town Blog. It makes for funny reading legalese. And there's an informative, good-humored response from a human resources professional who identifies herself as "SR":

    As an HR manager, I often find some of the necessary language pretty hilarious. But it’s just a standard BFQ (bona-fide qualification) for most desk positions. It’s necessary to include basic physical standards, so that candidates have a clear understanding of a job. I had a manager once ask why “stooping or crawling” should be in a secretary’s requirements. “They never do that.” Really? So if said secretary drops his/her pencil or a piece of paper under the desk, or has to plug or unplug an electronic device at the workstation, do you have another employee whose job it is to do that? If so, I want to work there.

    First adoption of the new year

    King County's animal welfare office came up with a clever play off all the first baby of the new year stories: This afternoon, the Regional Animal Services of King County sent out an email announcing the first pet adoption of 2013: "Just after noon today, Natalie and Paul Delaurenti of Kent adopted Crookshanks, an orange tabby cat."

    Yes, of course, there is a photo (above right) of the proud new adoptive parents and tabby. 

    First fireworks of 2013

    Lots of people are still posting videos of the New Year's fireworks at the Space Needle. This one, posted by YouTube user lidipiri, is a pretty good mix of reasonably close video and crowd noises.

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    Posted Thu, Jan 3, 8:19 a.m. Inappropriate

    Windows 8 apps: There is a deficit of "every day apps". Starbucks? Alaska Airlines check in? Nope, not yet. Three Fortune 500 companies all in the same neighborhood, yet no apps.


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