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    The Daily Troll: McGinn is in. 'Gar is (grrr) out. And Kings are in -- limbo.

    Seattle Weekly has found a buyer. Will the Sacramento Kings please let a buyer from Seattle take over? Mayor Mike McGinn says he wants to keep his job.
    A sign of support for construction of a new pro sports arena during a rally in 2012.

    A sign of support for construction of a new pro sports arena during a rally in 2012. Quin Benzel

    Sonics reborn?

    On a big news day for Seattle, it was the Sacramento Bee and Yahoo! News providing most of the oomph. Yahoo said a deal to bring the Sacramento Kings to Seattle was "in the final stages." Hours later, the SacBee continued its more nuanced approach: "The Sacramento Kings are in fact engaged in talks with a Seattle investment group about a possible sale, a source told the Bee today, but he and another source denied a media report that a deal is at hand." Seattle's Chris Hansen, who has led efforts for a new arena, is said to head that "investment group." Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson began a press conference late in the afternoon and talked about a group there coming together to buy the team from the current owners, the Maloof family.

    Seattle Weekly sold

    This sale is confirmed. Finally. The Seattle Weekly went, as it so carefully reported, to "Sound Publishing, the state's largest community news organization." Not needing to keep any new bosses happy, Publicola.net was more pointed: "Little Nickel Publisher Buys Seattle Weekly." Nickels (dimes, quarters, etc.) will be in short supply for the Weekly if Sound Publishing lives up to its stingy rep. But when has no money ever stopped us scrappy news folks from carrying on while the bosses let the operation circle the drain?

    McGinn running

    From the "no surprise there" file, Mayor Mike McGinn announced that he is seeking re-election. Also to be expected for an incumbent, he's running on his accomplishments: strengthening schools, keeping our neighborhoods safe, providing more transportation choices and high-speed broadband. Whoa, just playing the messenger here, OK? Crosscut's Eric Scigliano is working on a story from the press conference. 

    Hall of Fame voting blooper

    Edgar Martinez slipped further away from election to Baseball's Hall of Fame, as SportsPressNW.com reports. The story gets right to the point:

    Despite another persuasive argument mounted by the Seattle Mariners on behalf of their former designated hitter, Edgar Martinez, the Baseball Writers Association of America largely rejected the statistical case the club presented, once again barring the Seattle icon from the portals of Cooperstown. In fact, the BWAA did not elect a single player, notably denying Hall entry to Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa.

    The posting by Steve Rudman, who discovered stats before Nate Silver was 5.35 years old, goes on to lay out the statistical case for 'Gar, comparing his hits, homers, total bases and the like to the most acclaimed Hall of Famers. And in contribution to the Mariners' successes (in between all the failures before and ever since, of course). 

    Here's another way to look at the Meaning of Martinez, posted by baseballbard two years ago. The most recent comment on the video, posted one week ago, was a prediction that Edgar would be elected to the Hall "next year." Not sure which year the commenter meant. But here's to the Martinez cause in 2014.

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    Joe Copeland is political editor for Crosscut. You can reach him at Joe.Copeland@crosscut.com.

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