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    The Daily Troll (updated): McDreamy gets his coffee. Boeing review. Fire on icy roads. NBA coming?

    Actor's bid for Tully's is upheld. A Sacramento buyer emerges for Kings. FAA review of 787 starts in Seattle. A gun owner on how to make progress on gun safety.

    Updated: 6:29 p.m.

    Tully's to Dempsey

    Actor Patrick Dempsey's bid for Tully's retail outlets has been upheld by a federal bankruptcy court judge. The Seattle Times' account notes that the actor's group had promised to keep Tully's employees while Starbucks, a rival in bidding for some of the stories, had only offered a chance to apply for jobs. The seattlepi.com's story from Associated Press includes a reaction from Dempsey (often called Dr. McDreamy): "thrilled" and "deeply humbled by the outpouring of support from the city of Seattle." 

    Are the Kings sold? Here or there?

    The rumors and the news reports took on renewed energy late today. Shortly after 3 p.m., The News Tribune was carrying a story out of the Sacramento Bee that highlighted one Bay Area reporter's tweet that the Sacramento Kings had been sold to Chris Hansen and his Seattle-based investor group. At the same time, the Bee was reporting on the emergence of potential local buyers there, including the founder of 24 Hour Fitness.

    787 Review

    The Federal Aviation Administration's review of the 787 is more sweeping than the print version of an advance Seattle Times story this morning seemed to indicate. On top of looking at electrical and related systems, the actual FAA announcement covers design and manufacturing. No wonder, too, given a windshield problem to cap the week of embarrassments. The FAA says the review will start in Seattle but might extend elsewhere. Duh, do you think? Given the way the greedy B insisted upon scattering everything on the 787 project, including final assembly, and diluting the value of its talented Puget Sound workforce?

    Guns and the lawmakers

    At a CityClub discussion today, four top lawmakers wrestled repeatedly with questions from the audience and media folks — Austen Jenkins, Essex Porter and Joel Connelly — about what they were going to do to start controlling gun violence. Sen. Ed Murray spoke about incremental steps, alluding to a scenario he has been developing in several settings in which, as on the issue of gay marriage, people could take incremental steps over a number of years. House Speaker Frank Chopp offered a couple of concrete, plausible ideas for this year, including tougher laws on minors' possession of guns. House Republican Floor Leader J.T. Wilcox and incoming Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom emphasized mental health improvements. The audience was frustrated with them; I'd say they mean well.

    But you want some straight talk on preventing gun violence? A guest opinion piece from an Eastern Washington gun owner in Thursday's Wenatchee World offered six concrete ideas, including making sure mental health issues are detectable in background checks, closing the gun-show loophole and banning both assault weapons and large capacity magazines. It ought to be required reading for every legislator. And they ought to expect to have to answer for making progress on, say, three issues this session.

    My favorite part of Joe Kelly's article was his final recommendation:

    6. Pass a test. If you are required to take a course, pass a test and possess a license to drive a car, fly a plane, be a massage therapist, and to go hunting, why not have a license for responsible gun owners? I’ve seen far too many gun owners who are not safe or competent in their ownership.

    Hate that idea? Fine. But there are options for beginning to control the shameful levels of violence.

    Fire and Ice

    Cold conditions have made for a bit of trouble the past couple days for motorists and pedestrians alike. But the real "nightmare morning commute," as KOMO-TV put it, was the result of fire: A Sound Transit bus caught fire after the driver pulled over on southbound I-5 in north Seattle. No reports of passenger injuries.

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