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    Olympia Week In Photos: Dance parties, prayer and customized license plates

    This is what lawmaking looks like.

    Washington Governor Jay Inslee spoke to a rally organized by Planned Parenthood Monday. 

    Members of several predominantly black churches rallied Monday at the capital. Bringing a little soul, some held a prayer in the Capitol. 

    After a Monday rally against tuition hikes, some students and others took to the capitol steps to make their feelings known through another medium — the dance party. Evergreen students Alice Newberry (L) and Mollie Gaitz (R) got the small crowd going with moves of their own. 

    People show their support for all kinds of causes in all kinds of ways in the Washington capitol. 

    Elected officials and staff alike braved wet, windy weather in the capitol Friday. 


    Rep. Gerry Pollet, D-Seattle, speaks to students who rallied Monday in opposition to tuition hikes. Included in the group were members of the so-called "black bloc" who watched the event from the sidelines wearing masks and carrying black flags. 

    For exclusive coverage of the state Legislature, check out Crosscut's Olympia 2013 page.

    Tom James has helped cover the 2013 state legislative session for Crosscut through the University of Washington journalism program. He also writes for Crosscut on other subjects. Born in Seattle and raised in Kitsap, Tom worked for the Kitsap Navy News and Central Kitsap Reporter before heading to the UW for a double-major in journalism and economics, which he hopes to finish in 2014.

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