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    The Daily Troll: More light rail ahead? Sacramento lunges for the hoop. Boeing still has one friend.

    A Sacramento investment group bids to head off the King's Seattle move. As for soccer, scarves up!
    Moments before the start of a Sounders-Timbers match, Seattle fans unveiled an elaborate tifo featuring a Sigi Schmid caricature, reading, "We go all in -- Sounders."

    Moments before the start of a Sounders-Timbers match, Seattle fans unveiled an elaborate tifo featuring a Sigi Schmid caricature, reading, "We go all in -- Sounders." Drew Sellers/Sportspress Northwest

    Sacramento makes it move

    Mayor Kevin Johnson tweeted this morning that it is "a proud day for Sacramento": Investors submitted their bid to buy the city's NBA basketball team, meeting the league's deadline for any bid to compete with a Seattle group's $525 million purchase contract. The Sacramento Bee reported that the bid will be "very close" to Seattle's. Doesn't a proud day for Sacramento make you feel almost as good as Howard Schultz's balloon-festooned press conference to announce the Sonics' sale to Clay Bennett?

    Sound Transit moving ahead

    Sound Transit's board of directors is eyeing another major bond to be approved by voters that would finance expanded rail lines. According to Seattle Transit Blog, the agency will study eight possible new lines, including Lynnwood-Everett, Redmond-Kirkland-UW and Downtown-West Seattle-Burien. No need to start losing sleep about which way to vote just yet: The directors would like to consider a 2016 election vote.

    ANA stands by its manufacturer

    All Nippon Airways, the largest buyer of Boeing 787 planes, said today that it plans to continue buying the planes. After meeting with a Boeing representative, the new ANA president expressed confidence that Boeing is making progress, according to Reuters. The ANA chief, Shinichiro Ito, did say that a grounding of the planes into June would present bigger challenges. The airline has already canceled all 787 flights through May. The Federal Aviation Administration's initial analysis of Boeing's proposed fixes is expected next week.

    Sex-trafficking study

    Crosscut's John Stang reports from Olympia:

    The Washington House will consider a sex-trafficking bill that gained unanimous approval in the Senate on Thursday. Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles' bill would create a task force to study best practices for combating the child sex trade. The committee would collect information on sexually exploited children, review recommendations from law enforcement agencies and make its own recommendations for tackling the problem.

    Where not to go this weekend

    The City Attorney's Office says it has filed papers declaring Citrus, a nightclub in South Lake Union, "a chronic public nuisance."  The declaration is part of an attempt to resolve problems with the club that have included a triple shooting, late night fights, assaults and hit-and-run accidents. Besides police concerns, the nearby Fred Hutchinson Center/Cancer Care Alliance has also expressed worry about the safety of patients, visitors and staff, who come and go at all hours, according to Kimberly Mills of the City Attorney's Office.

    Weekend closures

    There are a lot of traffic closures this weekend. The state Department of Transportation bluntly advises: "Add extra time to your trip due to several closures in Seattle and large special events." Some of the biggest:

    • The Alaskan Way Viaduct for daytime inspections;
    • A weekend-long closure of the southbound I-5 University District exit at NE 45th/50th streets in Seattle;
    • Night closures of up to three lanes at a time for southbound I-5 near Ravenna and
    • Saturday night to Sunday morning closure of up to three lanes of northbound I-405 between NE 85th and 160th streets.

    Full details here. But, hey, if we didn't scare you into a housebound catatonic state, check out Crosscut's new weekly listing of what to do for $15 or less. 

    Season opener

    Speaking of big events that could affect traffic, the Sounders' host Major League Soccer's season opener Saturday at 7:30 p.m. If you haven't seen Art Thiel's look at the team, read it here. Or just watch his video.

    This discussion from MLS features an assistant coach at the University of Washington.


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    Posted Fri, Mar 1, 8:47 p.m. Inappropriate

    Are those great big images in the stands, depicted in the picture running with the story, real North Korean style mass card-pictures?

    Or, whatever one calls them - I'm not sure if there is even an English word for those gigantic images they create, often in rapid succession, of the Dear Leader and such, no doubt including the new baby Dear Leader, or whatever his official nickname is.

    The North Koreans' work making those pictures and scenes can be quite remarkable. Few participants are going to make mistakes when grim labor camps await those that do.

    Posted Fri, Mar 1, 11:12 p.m. Inappropriate

    Great, Kohl Welles wants to ban the world's oldest profession.


    Posted Mon, Mar 4, 4:38 p.m. Inappropriate

    I almost wish Sacramento good luck but I am not at all sure that keeping the Kings
    is good luck so I will just say I hope they get their team.


    Posted Mon, Mar 4, 5:02 p.m. Inappropriate

    "Sound Transit's board of directors is eyeing another major bond to be approved by voters"

    Huh? Since when has ST gone to voters to approve their bond issues? Something about this description smells, Joe. What's the skinny?

    All the voters have approved to date is tax rates. That's all. (Just ask the state Supreme Court if you don't believe me.)

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