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iPhone, iPad app for Crosscut members now available

Try Crosscut's new iPhone and iPad app, which membership donations helped to make possible.

Crosscut readers are increasingly on the move. In the past six months we've seen mobile readership — those accessing Crosscut on a cell phone or tablet — increase to about one-quarter of our traffic overall. We expect that trend to continue.

As a result, today we are announcing version 1.0 of the Crosscut iOS app for iPhone and iPad, which are the mobile devices most often used for accessing our site. Earlier this week we announced our first e-book single for Kindle.

Your donations to Crosscut help to make these things happen. Today we are asking you to take action by joining or rejoining us as a 2013 Crosscut member.

Each Friday I will report updates on how we're doing in this spring drive. At about 15 percent of the 412 members we need, we are a bit behind, but making progress. In a 5 week drive like this we'd hope to have about 20 percent of the number we need. 

Please take a moment to call us at 206-382-6137, email us at membership@crosscut.com, download a form for mail-in membership or click here to pay online. Thank you.

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