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    Immigration reform: It's not just for men anymore

    Local activists join a national movement to address the plight of immigrant women.

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    As the all-male "Gang of Eight" prepares to release a bill in the coming weeks, it becomes even more essential that women speak out loud and clear so that our priorities are addressed in any reform legislation.

    That is why, a few weeks ago, Yasmin and a dozen other women from Washington State joined hundreds more in Washington, D.C. The Washington delegation included luminaries like Elaine Rose, CEO of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and a former Assistant Attorney General for former Governor Chris Gregoire.

    "Immigration reform became so much more real for me,” Elaine told me after the trip. “I had never thought of immigration reform as a women's issue. It was also eye-opening to realize the link between a woman's immigrant status and her lack of access to health care."

    The trip made “the urgency of immigration reform real” for Elaine, who has begun to think about how to build bridges between immigrant women and her work at Planned Parenthood Votes.

    Monica Mendoza, a freshman at University of Washington, also attended the We Belong Together launch in DC. Monica's career as an activist began in high school when she worked on immigration reform through the Northwest Youth Alliance. She went on to spearhead a legislative directive at the University of Washington around the state's DREAM Act. Most recently, she's been working with OneAmerica.

    Monica's recent D.C. experience "opened my eyes," she said. "Every movement — especially immigration reform — has all men at the forefront. I learned how immigration IS a women’s issue, that it’s harder for women to earn citizenship. I feel like I can go out and talk about immigration as a women’s issue now.”

    For these Washington women, and for the many more across the country who joined them in D.C., this is a critical moment for fostering a new understanding of immigration as a women’s issue. The shift has the potential to engage a whole new group of people in the push for immigration reform.

    In a recent national poll for We Belong Together, conducted with 800 women, Lake Research Partners tested immigtration messages tailored specifically for women. This was the first such gender-specific messaging around immigration. The best-testing messages were the ones that connected the need for immigration reform to the values of America as a land of opportunity for women and girls. By the end of the 15-minute survey, a stunning 30 percent of the women who started out with mixed views on immigrants shifted to positive viewsAnd using a woman’s voice to deliver the messages was more persuasive.

    The results underscore how important it is for women to educate women about why immigration is an issue they should care about. 

    “The women I’ve talked to since coming back have been dramatically moved by talking about immigration reform from this perspective,” Yasmin said. “It’s like the emotional and personal piece wasn’t there before. But now, they get it. They identify with the integral role that immigrant women, like all women, play. We have an amazing opportunity to get women to use their votes and their voices to move immigration reform.”

    Let’s put women back in the picture on this important issue and engage them in fighting for reform that treats women fairly.

    Pramila Jayapal is a Distinguished Fellow at University of Washington Law School and Distinguished Taconic Fellow at Center for Community Change. You can follow her on Twitter at @pramilaj or email her care of editor@crosscut.com.

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    Posted Wed, Apr 10, 6:48 a.m. Inappropriate

    Treat all illegals the same. Washington State Government has done more to encourage human trafficking and misery for illegal aliens than anyone else. Sanctuary is a lure and an excuse used by traffickers to make Washington a target destination. Stop encouraging illegal immigration, enforce the laws, stop issuing licenses and giving out benefits to those not in the country legally.


    Posted Sat, Apr 13, 9:52 p.m. Inappropriate

    Amen, whoooops sorry I didn't mean in a Godly way. Forgive me, whoops I didn't mean in a Godly way Oh F**k It.


    Posted Wed, Apr 10, 8:19 a.m. Inappropriate

    I wonder who paid for Yasmin's lobbying trip to D.C.. I wonder who paid for Monica's lobbying trip to D.C..

    "Stop encouraging illegal immigration, enforce the laws, stop issuing licenses and giving out benefits to those not in the country legally."

    Or this: Use any of my tax money to support, encourage or facilitate illegal immigration and I will do what I can to limit the money I give you. Hear you, lockstep Party politicians? Vote yes for the Dream Act, I will vote no for the school levy. Give aid to illegals? I will vote no on the fire levy, no on the EMS levy, no on the transportation improvement district levy, no on the Metro levy.

    When the politicians listen to special interests, the voters can only do what they can do.


    Posted Thu, Apr 11, 10:36 a.m. Inappropriate

    Apparently the male branch in the Senate are the ones who care about the issue. Was anyone surprised that neither of our senators are a member of the gang of eight?


    Posted Thu, Apr 11, 11:17 a.m. Inappropriate

    "Republicans want to eliminate categories of family sponsorship entirely, including the ability for a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident to bring a child over 21 years of age into the country."

    Not exactly... They are considering eliminating the categories for siblings and MARRIED children over 21... Unmarried children over 21 wouldn't be affected by their proposals.


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