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    Endorsements still coming in with primary 2 months away

    A look at where the money and endorsements lie in a race that still is building.
    Seattle City Hall

    Seattle City Hall Flickr user earthtoandy

    Dale Chihuly is hedging his bets.

    The famous glass sculptor who has an major exhibition hall next to the Space Needle and his wife Leslie have donated $700 to three Seattle mayor candidates — Tim Burgess, Mike McGinn and Charlie Staadecker. With Burgess dropping out, he still has two candidates in the race.

    That's one factoid found in the endorsements and donations listed for the eight candidates for Seattle's mayor.

    Thousands of individual and PAC contributions have been made, and different people will find different donations or combinations donations interesting. Donors range from the famous to blue-collarworkers. The State Public Disclosure Commission and the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission each keep track of totals, donors and donation amounts and donors. State and city numbers are often different as different reports dribble in at different times. Consequently, figures don't always agree.

    Also, here a cautionary note on looking at the total amounts of donations. Of the top three Seattle mayor candidates in 2009, Joe Mallahan raised $840,893 overall, incumbent Greg Nickels raised $596,510, and Mike McGinn raised $289,622.

    McGinn won.

    Here is a breakdown of figures that are available as of June 5.


    Librarian Joey Gray does not have a PDC link yet. Her SEEC link is here, reporting $685 raised with $200 coming from outside of Seattle. Her web site is here.   


    City Councilmember Bruce Harrell has collected $169,069 from 719 donors so far, and has spent $33,222, according to the PDC. The SEEC has Harrell raising $112,559, with $79,266 coming from outside of Seattle. His Website is here. His PDC records are here. His SEEC records are here.

    He has picked up endorsements from the King County Democrats; 37th Legislative District Democrats; the11th Legislative District "Powerhouse" Democrats; the King County Young Democrats; Seattle Building and Trades Council; State Rep. Eric Pettigrew, D-Seattle; Rep.Cindy Ryu, D-Shoreline; former Seattle mayor Wes Uhlman; King County council member Larry Gossett; former Seattle city council member Richard McIver;  former Seattle city council member David Della; Renton city council member and executive director of the African-American Commission Ed Prince.

    Other endorsements include Thurston County Assessor Steven J. Drew; former State Sen. Kathleen Drew; former Sen. George Fleming; former Sen.Rosa Franklin; Everett city council member Ron Gipson; former Sen. Claudia Kauffman; former Seattle school board member Jan Kumasaka; former Seattle municipal judge Ron Mamiya; former Rep. Dawn Mason; Charlotte city council member James E. Mitchell Jr.; Tukwila city council member De'Sean Quinn; former Tacoma mayor Karen Vialle; and former Rep.Jesse Wineberry.

    Some of Harrell's donors include the King County Corrections Guild ($700); Seattle Medical Marijuana Association ($700); Home Street Bank ($700); Medina's Jeff Brotman, chairman of Wholesale Costco ($700); Mercer Island's Adriane Brown, president of Intellectual Ventures ($700); Mercer Island's Douglas Glant, CEO of Glant Pacific Co. ($700); Sammamish's Steven Holmes, vice president for government affairs at Comcast; Pacific Iron & Metal Co.($700);  Renton's Clyde Walker, executive at Continental Mills ($700); Peter and Kimberly Cleworth of the Jennifer and Barry Ackerly Foundation ($500); Darrnell Cola, director at  Seattle City Light ($250);  Mark Griffin, director of redevelopment at the Port of Seattle ($250).


    Education and community activist Kate Martin has collected $3,254 from 13 donors and has spent $1,781. The SEEC has her raising $2,747 with $140 coming from outside of Seattlle. Her Web site is here. Her PDC records are here. His SEEC records are here.

    She has picked up endorsements from Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs, associate professor at Seattle University and co-director at the Patricia Wismer Center for Gender, Justice & Diveristy; Eric Muhs, teacher at Ballard High School; Nancy Malmgren of the Carkeek Watershed Community Action Project; and Linh-Co Nguyen and Rick Burke of the Seattle Math Coalition.

    Her biggest donors are David and Rosalie Holcomb of the Chef 'N Corp. ($700 each).


    Socialist Workers Party candidate Mary Martin has no Web site listing endorsements and no donations listed on the PDC's and SEEC's records. Her email address is seattleswp@qwestoffice.net.


    Incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn has collected $223,119 from 1,133 donors so far, and has spent $76,348, according to the PDC. The SEEC has McGinn raising $181,133 with $65,328 coming from outside of Seattle. His Web site is here. His PDC records are here. His SEEC records are here.

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    Posted Sat, Jun 8, 2:36 p.m. Inappropriate

    It should be noted that one of Harrell's endorsers and contributors, former councilmember Richard McIver, died in March. Hopefully that endorsement and contribution came before he passed away.


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