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    Introducing the Crosscut Courage Awards

    Crosscut's first annual "Courage Awards" will honor Northwest leaders from the worlds of business, culture and public service. Join us in celebrating - and nominating - the people among us who don't back down.
    Courage in the Cloud

    Courage in the Cloud

    Crosscut today is proud to announce the creation of the region's first "Courage Awards," which will recognize bold leadership in business, culture and public service.

    Winners in each Courage Award category will be announced at a ceremony on October 31st. James Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic and a frequent contributor to NPR, will be the keynote speaker.

    "Timidity and opportunity, challenge and tough trade-offs face leaders in every walk of life here in the Pacific Northwest," said Greg Shaw, Crosscut publisher. "How often have you heard a friend or colleague ask what happened to the courageous leadership of a bygone era? Too often we complain that leadership lacks guts. At Crosscut we report on and follow acts of courage in many different sectors throughout the year. We hope our writing coupled with the annual awards will shine a bright light on acts of courage, small and large, that contribute to a better community." 

    "The Courage Awards recognize and celebrate the truly fearless among us," said Crosscut editor-in-chief Mary Bruno. "These are people who aren't afraid to speak truth to power, who aren't in it for the credit or the glory. They're the kinds of people who, sometimes quietly but always persistently, move our region forward."

    The Crosscut editorial team will select three award winners: one in public service (elected or appointed government office, media, volunteer efforts), one in culture (the arts and sports) and one in business (both for-profit and non-profit ventures).

    Candidates for the awards will be identified through a public nomination process, open to any individual who has practiced courageous leadership in the Pacific Northwest. Crosscut’s editorial team will review nominations and select the winners using a few simple criteria:

    •       innovating despite criticism;
    •       showing uncommon, selfless leadership;
    •       inspiring and instructing others in public service, business and cultural leadership;
    •       following data and best practices even when custom and tradition say otherwise;
    •       taking a risk to successfully break gridlock.  

    To nominate one or more people for the Crosscut Courage Awards, email CourageAwards@Crosscut.com with the name of your nominee and a paragraph describing the reason for his or her nomination. You will receive an automated reply confirming receipt.

    Nominations must be received by July 30th, 2013. Winners will be notified by Sept. 15.

    Limited space is available at the 2013 Crosscut Courage Awards breakfast, which will be held October 31 at Seattle’s Bell Harbor International Conference Center. Reserve your ticket or table now by calling Crosscut at 206-382-6137 or RSVP@Crosscut.com.

    Companies and organizations interested in sponsoring the Courage Awards should contact publisher Greg Shaw at greg.shaw@crosscut.com.

    Crosscut is a nonprofit, independent news organization read widely throughout the region and nationally. Its mission is to reveal and strengthen the civic and cultural life of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, which it does through its online daily magazine, events like Civic Cocktail, news partnerships and digital publishing across multiple platforms.

    Greg Shaw is the former publisher and CEO of Crosscut.

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    Posted Wed, Jun 26, 11:35 a.m. Inappropriate

    Crosscut’s editorial team will review nominations and select the winners using a few simple criteria:

    This ought to be interesting, let us hope for a true diversity of thought in the selection process and not the usual Seattle echo chamber.


    Posted Thu, Jun 27, 7:02 a.m. Inappropriate

    Well what do you know, the first article out of the box in the "courage " series is Pramilia Jayapal...again. Where is the diversity? Where is the courage displayed in defense of the sovereignty of the country and opposing illegal immigration?


    Posted Sat, Jun 29, 8:56 a.m. Inappropriate

    On the subject of Courage, Crosscut should first take the time to examine its own. Over the past year, the publication has grown, but mostly to be a collection of self-righteous, tone-deaf, wonky, soap-box stories with little journalistic cohesion and a total absence of self-awareness. Crosscut is not fun to read. Finger-wagging has supplanted any attempts at thoughtful, considered examination of issues. Many of the excellent journalists whose bylines once appeared regularly seem to have taken a powder, or appear less frequently.

    The curious idea that Crosscut is somehow qualified to judge the courage of others is an extreme example of this hubris. This important regional institution deserves better. Take another look at yourselves. Pay less attention to all those sycophantic flag-wavers with dull axes to grind. Stop being the Seattle Mariners of journalism.


    Posted Sat, Jun 29, 5:39 p.m. Inappropriate

    I can't wait for the results, drum roll please, i have a few predictions

    but I don't want to ruin it for others


    Posted Sat, Jun 29, 11:42 p.m. Inappropriate

    Rodney Tom, for bucking the "progressive" Seattle establishment and doing what's right for the state, in spite of the viciousness of his critics.


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