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    Infographic: Seattle Mayor's race at a glance

    A graphic look at where the nine mayoral contenders stand on the issues, in the polls and with the bank.

    The August 6th primary is creeping up. That's when Seattle voters will winnow the current field of nine candidates down to the two finalists who will face off for mayor in November. Based on the latest polling, fundraising and endorsement totals, pundits have fingered a few frontrunners. But the pundits are often wrong. To help you decide who should lead the city for the next four years, we've compiled this snapshot of where the nine contenders stand in terms of money, popularity and several key campaign issues (schools, cops and transit). It's worth the long scroll. Click on the names of the candidates to see their websites. But if you'd rather see all nine candidates side by side by side, etc. click here. And don't forget to vote!


    To see all nine candidates together, click here.

    Thuc Nhi Nguyen is an editorial intern at Crosscut. She is also a student at the University of Washington, majoring in journalism and mathematics. She is the sports editor at The Daily, the UW’s student newspaper, and covers sports including men’s tennis, football and women’s basketball. A lifelong sports fan, she enjoys talking about the Seahawks, going to UW football games and watching SportsCenter.

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    Posted Wed, Jul 24, 6:27 a.m. Inappropriate

    Nothing written about this 2013 Seattle mayoral race is more insightful than David Brewster's piquant piece in Crosscut in April:


    Notice how the three frontrunners are tripping over themselves promising to pimp new regressive tax hikes for Metro, Sound Transit, and SDOT? They're all playing stupid about 1) the fact that additional tax revenue is not needed (given the levels of taxing employed by all other bus and train services providers in this country), and 2) the types of best management practices employed in other metro regions to serve those communities that are not used here.

    What that piece David wrote doesn't go far enough; mayoral candidates in the post-Nickels era all consider it imperative to mimic Greg by blowing this particular dog-whistle ("I'll be a regressive tax pimp for transit!"). It is a signal to the rich special interests to whom Nickels catered. The two PACs that made the big contributions ($35K) to Murray's PAC last week shows he's blowing it the hardest.


    Posted Thu, Jul 25, 3:41 p.m. Inappropriate

    Your endorsement links for McGinn and Steinbrueck actually link to Murray's web site. You might want to fix that.


    Posted Tue, Oct 1, 12:57 a.m. Inappropriate

    The polling graph itself speaks the truth. http://www.koolchart.com

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