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    Daily Troll: DEA marijuana bust. McGinn's ode to unions. Sounders' national team glory.

    The Seattle Public Library goes head-to-head with Netflix and the school board approves a new Seattle Schools budget with some leg room.
    Eddie Johnson, with his new do

    Eddie Johnson, with his new do Photo: Eddie Johnson Facebook fan page

    The Daily Troll: News for your evening commute.

    The Daily Troll: News for your evening commute. Art work by Noel Franklin

    DEA raids medical marijuana dispensaries in WA

    Yesterday, DEA agents entered about half a dozen medical marijuana dispensaries in the Puget Sound area, guns drawn. KOMO news reports that agents presented a search warrant and seized plants, cell phones and computers, but no arrests were made. The raids come at the same time that the state is implementing I-502, and raise questions about the clashing of federal and state government laws. SLOG's Dominic Holden points out that one of the dispensaries was previously shut down for selling pot to individuals lacking proper medical authorization — a blatant violation of state law. He speculates that one motive of the raids might have been sorting out legitimate sellers from those making a profit off of illegal sales. No details have been officially released, but store employees claimed that agents told them the raids were part of a two-year investigation, and that they would be ordered to appear as witnesses before a federal grand jury in September.

    McGinn's continuing ode to unions

    Mayor Mike McGinn appeared at City Hall today with a trio of fast food workers filing complaints with the Seattle Police Department over wages they allege were stolen from them by their employers. One complainants was an employee at a Ballard Taco Bell, who said she was forced to work off the clock while cleaning up after her shifts. Another, a former employee at a Northgate Subway was never given a 30-minute meal break during his five-hour shifts. The third, a former employee of a Capitol Hill Qdoba, never received his final paycheck. The workers are backed by a Seattle group called Good Jobs Seattle, which estimates that low-wage workers in the City of Seattle suffer as much as $100,000 in lost wages every week.

    McGinn's appearance is just the latest instance of the incumbent mayoral candidate throwing his weight behind workers' rights issues in the last few weeks. His stance last week against a long-planned West Seattle Whole Foods has energized local media pundits (like Seattle Times' Danny Westneat and Goldy at The Stranger), hungry for controversial material in a relatively hum-drum race. Last-minute maneuvering to shore up labor support in light of poll numbers that favored Ed Murray? Who, McGinn? 

    Seattle Public Library enters the 21st century

    It’s not easy surviving in the one-click-away era of instant gratification that is the 21st century. Books, music and movies are all accessible from the living room, which has rendered bookstores and libraries almost useless. Well, not so fast. According to The Seattle Times, the Seattle Public Library is launching Hoopla this week, a free Netflix-like streaming media service. Hoopla provides access to about 10,000 videos and 250,000 music albums that are available for instant streaming and downloading. After users create a Hoopla account and enter their library information, content can be downloaded on a phone or a tablet or streamed on your computer or through the Hoopla app. Movies and TV shows can be checked out for three days and music is available for one week.

    Sounder's Eddie Johnson shows U.S. men’s team who's boss

    As odd as it may look, the blonde mini-afro is working for Sounders forward Eddie Johnson. And at this point, whatever is working for him works for the U.S. Men’s National Team. Johnson, who was called up to the national team this week, made an immediate impact for his squad, scoring in back-to-back matches to help the United States into Sunday’s CONCACAF Gold Cup Final. Johnson scored within 14 seconds of getting off the bench in the quarterfinal against El Salvador and then again Wednesday night in the semifinal against Honduras. The forward with the lightning-quick first step is making a strong case for being included on the 2014 FIFA World Cup roster.

    Seattle School Board approves new general-fund budget
    The Seattle School Board unanimously passed a $639 million general-fund budget, according to the Seattle Times. This is the first time in five years that funding from the state has increased the school district's per-capita funding. The district will use the additional funding to offer free all-day kindergarten in eight more schools, add nearly 250 jobs and keep up with increasing costs. Half of the additional jobs will be teaching positions and 14 vice principals will be added, mainly to elementary schools. Seventy to eighty instructional assistants will also be hired in addition to extra special education staff. The district also plans to update elementary school math books, add two schools to its international program and use a new learning standards curriculum for its teachers.

    Berit Anderson is Managing Editor at Crosscut, where she follows tech, culture, environment, media and politics. Previously community manager of the Tribune Company’s Seattle blogging network, her work has also appeared in YES! Magazine and on the Huffington Post, Geekwire, Q13Fox.com and KBCS 91.3 radio. She served as Communications Director at Strategic News Service, a weekly newsletter that predicts global trends in tech and economics, and Future in Review, an annual tech conference which gathers C-level executives to solve global problems. You can find her on Twitter @Berit_Anderson or reach her at berit.anderson@crosscut.com.

    Thuc Nhi Nguyen is an editorial intern at Crosscut. She is also a student at the University of Washington, majoring in journalism and mathematics. She is the sports editor at The Daily, the UW’s student newspaper, and covers sports including men’s tennis, football and women’s basketball. A lifelong sports fan, she enjoys talking about the Seahawks, going to UW football games and watching SportsCenter.

    Ashley Walls, a journalism major at the University of Washington, is an editorial intern at Crosscut, writes for an on-campus paper, The Greek Voice, and works with the Public Affairs department at the Overlake Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol. She is pursuing a secondary degree in business and volunteers for organizations in the Seattle area.

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    Posted Thu, Jul 25, 5:45 p.m. Inappropriate

    Seems to me if they wanted their money, they would go to L&I;, where the enforcement authority lies.

    Going to the cops? If the cops take this one, they are political. They blow off lots of law violations saying "it is a civil issue" even when it is not.

    And McSchwinn, is he running for election, or something? (humor)

    The Geezer


    Posted Fri, Jul 26, 5:23 a.m. Inappropriate

    As the military adventures in the middle east wind down and military contractors lobby to transition to the Prohibition Industry for job security these failed drug warriors will cling to its inevitable redundancy. The people have voted and the Demographics have changed and we will soon be debating reparations and damages for these raids. The people are mad as hell and disgusted with the blatant deceit that our trusted government agency have lied to its citizenry and block basic scientific research ignoring their own. The whole west Coast and now all of New England 19 states and more coming, the one most important state of all is Florida with it aging population most in need of MMJ. The worlds focus should be on the 2014 ballot there and how they can help end this madness.

    Copy and paste. http://www.unitedforcare.org/s...


    Posted Fri, Jul 26, 12:55 p.m. Inappropriate

    Well, I'm not particularly happy about Eddie Johnson helpoing the national team, since it is being done at the expense of the team- and its ticket purchasers- who actually pay his salary. The absence of Johmnson has had a continung detrimental effect on the Sounders. If Johnson's continuing priority is the national team- and it has been obvious from the start that the Sounders were just a stepping stone back to the national team- dump him from the Sounders and get someone who will make the Sounders a priority.

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