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    The Daily Troll: Betrayal in mayor's race. Inslee throws Boeing a carrot. Lock-up litigation.

    Growlers: The new prescription at Bartell's.
    The Daily Troll: News for your evening commute.

    The Daily Troll: News for your evening commute. Art work by Noel Franklin

    Boeing: Willing to be lured?

    Gov. Jay Inslee today proposed extending billions in tax credits for Boeing to lure it to build the 777X, the new version of a plane that is one of its mainstays. The proposal comes in the wake of a report by the public-private Washington Aerospace Partnership saying that Boeing annually generates $76 billion in economic activity for the state. Inslee went to Everett to make his announcement, where leaders desperately want to land the jobs.

    Boeing, as The Herald reported this morning, is making it clear that the decision could depend on whether the state enacts new water quality regulations. Bob Drewel, one of the partnership co-chairs, was much more optimistic, saying the state can show it's the best place for designing and building the new plane. Crosscut's John Stang, who has been covering the water issue, will have a full report on the governor's ideas shortly.   

    Big early supporter deserts McGinn

    The Ed Murray for mayor campaign today won the endorsement of more than a dozen leaders from Seattle's nightlife industry, an area that incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn has long focused on as important to the local economy. Perhaps most stinging is the prominent role taken by Dave Meinert, who was an early supporter. Last year, Meinert wrote on Publicola that people who had thought the mayor made a poor start were "taking a second look at McGinn and his accomplishments." Meinert then put forth a whoppingly long list that included rebuilding the city's rainy day fund, passing paid sick-leave legislation, helping schools and "celebrating and promoting the better side of Seattle music and nightlife." Today, Meinert cited Murray's progressive values and called him "the best person" for keeping the music and nightlife community strong. 

    Jail claim in Snohomish County

    The mother of a man who died in the Snohomish County Jail has filed a $10 million claim against the county over his death, The Herald reported this afternoon. Michael Saffioti, who had been jailed over a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession, suffered an allergic reaction after eating a breakfast at the jail last year. The Herald reporters, who have been following deaths at the jail, wrote that jail staff was well aware of his serious allergies. 

    Foss taking shipyard jobs to Everett

    Update 5:39 p.m. The Herald reports that Foss Maritime has purchased the 66 acre of a former waterfront paper mill in Everett. If the deal goes through, about 250 maritime employees would move from Seattle to Everett, although the company headquarters would stay in Seattle. The paper says that a Foss facility on the Seattle Ship Canal is too small for some ships on which work is done. Some current shipbuilding projects in Seattle would continue to completion.

    Health (site) improving

    Late this morning, the new Washington Health Benefit Exchange reported that its website, which crashed Tuesday under an avalanche of opening day traffic, was back online. The exchange is set up to help Washingtonians compare and purchase insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. This afternoon it was working, albeit a bit slowly. We're still wondering about the wisdom of the exchange's rosy predictions for Tuesday's opening: Do high-volume website launches usually come off smoothly? 

    Bartell's pours a new Rx

    Bartell Drugs will include a station for grabbing a growler of beer at its new Greenwood store later this month, according to KOMO News. The move (and an earlier Bartell growler set-up in South Lake Union) seems like an attempt to capitalize on the NW's regional beer trend — and if it helps local breweries, we're down with that. But what about a spot for customers to pour themselves a barrel of some other liquid Rx? After all, there's a Japanese saying, "Sake is the best of all medicines."  We feel strongly that Bartell's has a duty to keep expanding its medicinal choices. 

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    Posted Wed, Oct 2, 5:46 p.m. Inappropriate

    Health site still TU. What an embarrassment. Hopefully not an indicator of how this whole scheme will go.


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