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    Murray's transition: Putting together a team is just part of the challenge

    Seattle's new mayor has never operated in this kind of an executive position. And then there are the political undercurrents.

    With his legislative duties heating up last week, Ed Murray also began to look at how he takes control as mayor of Seattle. His new transition team — led by two City Hall veterans — is a start. But Murray will face challenges ranging from his own lack of executive experience to the potential for second-guessing by the mayor he just defeated, Mike McGinn.

    Robert Mak is a principal of Seattletopstory.com and a longtime broadcast reporter in Western Washington.

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    Posted Mon, Nov 11, 8:58 a.m. Inappropriate

    My only qualms about Mr. Murray have to do with his familiarity with Seattle, and a good transition team can only go so far. During the campaign, Mr. Murray released several statements that were odd for the reason that only someone who didn't know Seattle that well could have made them. I'm thinking specifically of one statement where he mislocated Salmon Bay, and another statement deriding the popular and needed lane revisions on NE 75th, which had been done after a family was run over by a drunk driver in front of Eckstein and two grandparents were killed. And in other statements he didn't seem to have much nuance about the missing link to the Burke-Gilman in Ballard, either. Perhaps non-Seattleites on his campaign staff were responsible for these statements. But to me, his unawareness of boots-on-the-ground issues that people in Seattle face sends up huge red warning flags. Seriously huge.

    I urgently hope his transition team brings some of that intimate familiarity with the city that the mayor elect evidently still lacks.


    Posted Mon, Nov 11, 9:09 p.m. Inappropriate

    @smacry, it doesn't matter whether Ed Murray doesn't have a clue about the important matters of Seattle and needs of particular neighborhoods.

    What matters is that if he allows his staff to post or propagate untrue statements is that is proof the man doesn't detail details appropriately to be Mayor.

    It is time we hold our elected totally accountable, especially for verbiage posted by staff.

    Your words are only good if you back them, Mr. and Ms. Elected.

    Transition team? Get rid of them. What is needed is a fact checking team prior to ignorant publishing.

    Public office standards have deteriorated too low, and that is our fault. We elect these cretins.

    Posted Tue, Nov 12, 12:52 p.m. Inappropriate

    Perhaps Mr. Mak's bio should mention he was Mayor Nickel's communication director for two years. It's the full disclosure thing, you know?

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