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    The Daily Troll: New state senator. Giving Tuesday. Ramping up Border Patrol in Friday Harbor?

    Ed Murray rebuffed. Caution: If you see a snowman, run the other way.

    Call him Senator John McCoy

    The Snohomish County Council has picked longtime state Rep. John McCoy to be the state senator representing Everett, Tulalip and part of Marysville. It was a unanimous vote for the smart, well-liked McCoy, who had the most support among Democratic precinct committee officers in balloting against capable state Rep. Mike Sells and former legislative aide Kelly Wright, according to The Herald. McCoy will fill the vacancy created by the recent resignation of former Sen. Nick Harper. Snohomish County Council Chair Stephanie Wright said McCoy will be "a strong and effective advocate" for the county. He was the general manager of the Tulalip Tribes' highly successful Quil Ceda Village retail and hotel development through its early years, winning the Puget Sound Business Journal's Executive of the Year award in 2006.

    Giving Tuesday 

    The most famed of Medina' s many philanthropists, Bill and Melinda Gates are lending their support to next week's Giving Tuesday, described by supporters as "a new day for giving back" and donating to charities. Tech Flash notes that the Gates' own giving plans include Federal Way's World Vision, DonorsChoose.org, Heifer International and Save The Children. There's something reassuring about knowing that their donations are going to places that a lot of other people find worthy. (Their letter and links to those groups are here.) 

    New Customs for Friday Harbor?

    San Juan Island residents are organizing to block the planned move of a federal Customs and Border Patrol office to the heart of tourist-beloved Friday Harbor. According to the San Juan Journal, the biggest concern is "a potential hardening of Friday Harbor’s coveted small town charm." The patrol already has an office, but it's much smaller and in the port itself. A moveon.org petition against the move has gathered more than 300 signatures. If the protesters don't succeed, maybe a new Friday Harbor motto is in order: "Show us your papers. Then enjoy our Island Friendly Spirit." 

    Dively says no to City Hall return

    King County budget chief Dwight Dively has apparently turned down a chance to return to Seattle City Hall, where he had once been in charge of budget matters, Publicola reports. Mayor-elect Ed Murray apparently offered Dively, one of the co-chairs of his transition team, the deputy mayor job. Murray campaigned, in part, on promises he would bring the best talent to the administration. We may hear soon if he has a Plan B for what could have been a very good catch. 

    Arrest in the Burke Gilman murder case

    Seattle police say they have arrested a 32-year-old Renton man in connection with the death of 26-year-old Jowanna Gooden of Renton, whose body was found, dead from a gunshot wound to the head, along the Burke Gilman trail in early October. Police gave few details but said detectives and officers from several departmental units had worked with the homicide with help from community members. Homicide Commander Mike Kebba called it a "challenging" case.  

    And you thought clowns were scary

    Crosscut will be publishing fresh stories over the holiday weekend. But the Daily Troll is taking a little vacay. It will return on Monday. If you happen to be out shopping in our region over the weekend, be on the lookout for evil freaky snowmen, or is it snowpersons now? (Reports say this video was shot in Boston.)

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    Posted Wed, Nov 27, 7:05 p.m. Inappropriate

    Sen. McCoy will be a great rep for the Tribes, not so much for Snoco, which he doesn't really give a rip about, unless they are shoveling more money to the tribes.

    And the Federales at Friday Harbor? Lordy! Those jackbooted thugs love their 100 miles from the border thingy. I came back from FH on the "international" sailing, and was put "up against the wall....MF" as we used to say in the 60's on the way back.

    Faux check in Anacortes even though I never left the states. I was within two miles of Canada (standing at sis's kitchen window) but that was it. At Anacortes, a "papers" check, but no look in the car, which is what they should have been doing. No computer terminal, just look at the license, and go.

    What a show, and nothing else. No probable cause, just being "near" the border is enough to get this outrageous treatment. Feeling safer? Not me.

    DHS and C&I; are just abusers of good honest Americans, because they can be


    The Geezer has spaketh.


    Posted Wed, Nov 27, 10:05 p.m. Inappropriate

    DHS, otherwise known as the DBT (Department of Bureaucratic Terrorism) is the most bone useless Department ever. TSA (Thousands Standing Around) spends $8 BILLION/Year harrassing 700 million airline passengers/year and has caught not one single terrorist. People with pocket knives, dummies with guns, and thousands with oversized toothpaste tubes. Terrorist? Nah. We are being overrun by an army of 8th grade dropouts with drill sergeant mentality.

    Stephen Hulsizer

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