Amazon Drones: Anything but serious

Will Amazon drones soon fill the skies? Doubtful. But after Jeff Bezos' surprise announcement, parodies sure filled up the Internet.

No sooner had Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos handed 60 Minutes’ Charlie Rose his big scoop — on Cyber Monday Eve (imagine that) — than the news of Amazon's drone delivery program went viral (from ABC to Zee News) and the parodies began. The question of whether delivery by drone is even possible, let alone feasible, legal and safe was one that no major media outlet bothered to ask. (Bill Gates doubts it can get off the ground.) But why dwell on reality when parody is so much more fun. Here are a few of our favorites.

Taiwanese style animators envision a drone-filled dystopia.

Funny or Die envisions a different dystopian future – with scary Amazon Prime Drones and the @AmazonDrone twitter account imagines the 140 character mind of a flying robot. 

Twitter user @QuantumPirate imagines the aftermath of a missed delivery.

And then there’s our personal favorite: The Colbert Report's feature on Deer Trail, Colorado’s drone-hunting ordinance. Drafted by self-proclaimed "patriot" Philip Steele, the measure would let Deer Trail residents shoot down any U.S. government-owned and operated drone flying below 1000 feet — but only during daylight hours. Steele's ordinance comes with a bounty provision. Any hunter bringing back a piece of drone carcass is eligible for as much as $100. (Note: Deer Trail's drone hunting ordinance pre-dated last Sunday’s Amazon drone delivery reveal.)

We're thinking Amazon might want to hold off on the Deer Trail drone deliveries for awhile.

Adrian Servetnick is a recent graduate of the University of Washington's political science program. He now works as an editorial intern at crosscut.

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