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    My boyfriend proposed to me during a City Council meeting

    Yesterday, my wonderful boyfriend popped the question with the full participation of Seattle's city council members.
    Four years ago, I moved to Seattle and into the upstairs bedroom of a Ravenna craftsman rented by one Brett Horvath, a playful, energetic and frighteningly smart young entrepreneur and tech consultant. Yesterday, three moves, four anniversaries, one cat, and countless dates later, Brett Horvath proposed to me — at a City Council meeting.
    Lured to said meeting under the ruse that he was testifying about artificial intelligence in city government, Brett asked me to be his wife through a formal Seattle City Council resolution on "possible relationship rezoning."
    The full video is below and Publicola covered the logistics here, so for now I'll just say that it involved a hilarious powerpoint, compromising photos, heartfelt declarations of love and live Beatles music.
    I love you, Brett Horvath. Photo: Ellen Kutscher.

    I'm still reeling after casting the deciding vote on the resolution. (Aye, of course.) Not to mention inspired by the grand collision of love and community, work, play and family that the City Council chambers became for me last night.

    The ring. (Those are foxes, which have special significance for us, surrounding a gorgeous emerald.) Photo: Berit Anderson.

    Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen, Tim Burgess, Jean Godden and Bruce Harrell all voted against the resolution. Brett and I haven't started planning the wedding yet or worked out any details, but I know two things for sure: We're not getting married at City Hall and those four no's are definitely NOT invited. (In all seriousness, though, a huge thanks to the whole City Council for facilitating one of the most romantic -- and nerdiest -- nights of my life.)

    Berit Anderson is Managing Editor at Crosscut, where she follows tech, culture, environment, media and politics. Previously community manager of the Tribune Company’s Seattle blogging network, her work has also appeared in YES! Magazine and on the Huffington Post, Geekwire, Q13Fox.com and KBCS 91.3 radio. She served as Communications Director at Strategic News Service, a weekly newsletter that predicts global trends in tech and economics, and Future in Review, an annual tech conference which gathers C-level executives to solve global problems. You can find her on Twitter @Berit_Anderson or reach her at berit.anderson@crosscut.com.

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    Posted Tue, Dec 17, 8:14 p.m. Inappropriate

    Why is this waste of taxpayer time (dollars) being touted here at Crosscut? Does working for Crosscut give you and Brett special favors with certain members of the Seattle City Council?

    I do wish you well, but this was inappropriate during council meeting time.

    Posted Tue, Dec 17, 8:38 p.m. Inappropriate

    Life = integrityplaylove
    Government = greasing the skids for Life

    Posted Tue, Dec 17, 11:30 p.m. Inappropriate

    C'mon common1sense. End of the last Full Council meeting of the year? It was actually very hilarious, and better than what I count as 8 minutes of every meeting of certain 'broken record' public comment by certain persons.

    If it was all the time, I'd scream 'waste of taxpayers' dollars. There is only one time this would ever be original though.

    Posted Wed, Dec 18, 7:47 a.m. Inappropriate

    I wish there was a real report on "artificial intelligence in City government". I suspect there is a lot of it.


    Posted Wed, Dec 18, 8:42 a.m. Inappropriate

    "Original"? Hardly. Crosscut's reputation for "journalism" takes another hit.

    Posted Wed, Dec 18, 9:24 a.m. Inappropriate

    Congratulations, Berit!


    Posted Wed, Dec 18, 10:01 a.m. Inappropriate

    I am thrilled that there is still time and space in our public institutions for this kind of sweetness. Thank you so much for sharing what is often a fairly private moment with the larger community -- I'm grateful to have been a witness!


    Posted Wed, Dec 18, 3:15 p.m. Inappropriate

    Congratulations, Berit! My favorite part (other than the fact that you accepted, of course) was that Rasmussen, Burgess, Godden and Harrell voted no! The only thing better would have been if someone abstained because of a conflict of interest.

    Posted Wed, Dec 18, 4:34 p.m. Inappropriate

    This is awesome. Congratulations!

    Posted Wed, Dec 18, 6:17 p.m. Inappropriate

    Why is this schmaltz -- this dreck that is utterly meaningless to those of us who struggle to survive capitalism -- placed as the lead story in today's Crosscut?

    Why is it allowed to overshadow the Kshama Sawant/$15-mininum-wage story?

    Or is Crosscut sending us a message? Is Crosscut telling us it prefers as readers only those who can identify with a local businessman rich enough and powerful enough to outrageously pervert a city council meeting into an expression of personal privilege and whimsey?

    More to the point, does this elevation of society-page garbage to the electronic equivalent of page-one journalism demonstrate the true (Ruling Class) news values of Crosscut and its editors?

    Posted Fri, Dec 20, 2:26 p.m. Inappropriate

    What a Grinch!

    Not only would you deny a young couple a few minutes of city time to publicly proclaim their love--and by extension the IMPORTANCE of love in the larger community--but you have the temerity to equate a lovely romantic gesture with the economic indignities of capitalism, as well as to assume that these young people are privileged, rich people rather than the modest hard-working socially-committed activists that they really are.

    Maybe you should take some time to check out your own assumptions and prejudices when you start accusing others of perverting the democratic process?

    This isn't society page news--this is a human interest story--whimsical perhaps but also joyous, life-affirming and fun.

    The two hours I spent in the council chambers waiting for this sweet surprise event to happen, afforded me a serious look at the workings of city government, left me feeling good about my city, and happy to be part of a civic event that did not require money, a certain social status or a specific political point of view.

    Congratulations to Berit and Brett!!! And long live love!!!


    Posted Thu, Dec 19, 9:35 a.m. Inappropriate

    Duh, and of course that is what happened – I knew I had read that somewhere. So much for my quick math skills. Looking forward to the EIS on the wedding ceremony and perhaps Notices of Proposed Crib Use Action.

    Loren — I wouldn't want to read a Crosscut that only contained stories like this, or contained too high a percentage of stories like this, but once in a while? I like serious journalism as much as the next person, but there's nothing wrong with this sort of thing once in a while, especially for such a happy occasion.

    I say the same thing to people who complain about things they don't like being posted on discussion lists they subscribe to: in those cases, it's very easy to hit 'delete' — in this case, it's very easy to page down.

    Posted Thu, Dec 19, 10:22 a.m. Inappropriate

    How do others get their proposals on the Council agenda?


    Posted Mon, Dec 23, 8:28 p.m. Inappropriate

    Yes, let's give equal time to all the self centered, egotistical and conceited individuals, who wish to be the center of attention, an opportunity to propose during the city council meeting.

    Posted Tue, Dec 24, 1:27 p.m. Inappropriate

    Clearly, this extroverted, schmaltzy act is harmless, but why does this generation have to make all of its private moments public? Sheesh. Proposing in the public square is bad enough -- but these little darlings have the unabridged ego to actually believe their private relationship is "news" of the public interest. I can't wait for the inevitable follow-ups: a blog about wedding plans, streaming wedding vows, tweets from the honeymoon suite, video of their first-born being born? Oh, how will Crosscut handle the increased Internet traffic?


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