The Daily Troll: Catholic school ousts gay administrator. Murray wants to act on $15 wage. We can handle ... snow?

Two more shopping days for those pot licenses!

Eastside Catholic fires vp over marriage

Students at Eastside Catholic High School are protesting over the ouster of a vice prinicipal, Mark Zmuda, for his same-sex marriage. A school spokesman tells The Seattle Times that Zmuda "understood he could no longer be employed there because of his current circumstances." Joel Connelly of notes that some Catholic parishes have in the past resisted the church's official position on gay marriage. Some students said the entire student body had walked out or never went into classes and that they would join with other Catholic schools to petition for his reinstatement. Here's to their efforts, which need a miracle to succeed.

Ed Murray tackling minimum wage 

Mayor-elect Ed Murray is taking a big tent approach on raising the minimum wage in the city: He appointed a 23-member committee with widely diverging views to come up with a plan within four months. “We can boost the earnings of low-wage workers in a meaningful way and increase the economic activity of the region that comes with greater spending power – and we can do it without harming our employers or losing jobs,” he said. He promises he will submit a plan to City Council by July 1. Crosscut's Bill Lucia has the full story here. By the way, as Knute Berger's "exit interview" with Mayor Mike McGinn makes clear, this wasn't the outgoing mayor's style. "I was never content to find out where the middle is," McGinn says. 

What, us panic?

The National Weather Service is saying that snow will make Friday's morning commute in Western Washington challenging, but its current forecast has scaled snowfall predictions back slightly to 1 to 3 inches. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Well, according to this YouTube video, Seattle drivers struggled during a 2-inch snowfall last winter. 

Growing a crop of pot applicants

Applications for state marijuana licenses were nearing 2,500 as of early Tuesday, an increase of more than 700 in just a week, according to And there's still time: The state Liquor Control Board is accepting applications that are received or postmarked by Friday (Dec. 20). Some people are obviously taking time out from holiday shopping to apply.  

Leaders in innovation and volunteerism

Two new trendy lists about place traits are out. Washington is No. 1 in innovation, according to a Bloomberg ranking that GeekWire picked up. Bloomberg puts Oregon at No. 5 in its list, which looks at such things as the degrees and the number of professionals in science, technology and the like; patents; and state spending on research and development. Idaho is third in volunteerism nationally, with Washington ninth, according to a report in the Spokesman. Just outside the top 10 is Oregon at No. 11.

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