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My boyfriend proposed to me during a City Council meeting

Four years ago, I moved to Seattle and into the upstairs bedroom of a Ravenna craftsman rented by one Brett Horvath, a playful, energetic and frighteningly smart young entrepreneur and tech consultant. Yesterday, three moves, four anniversaries, one cat, and countless dates later, Brett Horvath proposed to me — at a City Council meeting.
Lured to said meeting under the ruse that he was testifying about artificial intelligence in city government, Brett asked me to be his wife through a formal Seattle City Council resolution on "possible relationship rezoning."
The full video is below and Publicola covered the logistics here, so for now I'll just say that it involved a hilarious powerpoint, compromising photos, heartfelt declarations of love and live Beatles music.

I love you, Brett Horvath. Photo: Ellen Kutscher.

I'm still reeling after casting the deciding vote on the resolution. (Aye, of course.) Not to mention inspired by the grand collision of love and community, work, play and family that the City Council chambers became for me last night.

The ring. (Those are foxes, which have special significance for us, surrounding a gorgeous emerald.) Photo: Berit Anderson.

Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen, Tim Burgess, Jean Godden and Bruce Harrell all voted against the resolution. Brett and I haven't started planning the wedding yet or worked out any details, but I know two things for sure: We're not getting married at City Hall and those four no's are definitely NOT invited. (In all seriousness, though, a huge thanks to the whole City Council for facilitating one of the most romantic — and nerdiest — nights of my life.)

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