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    $15 or Less: Rat City rollers, silent films at the Paramount, indoor bouldering

    Plus, raconteurs at Fremont Abbey and more - for $15 or less.
    Rock climbing: It's not just for the outdoors anymore.

    Rock climbing: It's not just for the outdoors anymore. mariachily/Fickr

    This week's compilation focuses on events and activities that occur regularly in the city, and it is sure to counteract the gloom of the next few months. Explore my last recurring to-do list, and add these suggestions to it. Some take a little long range planning, one costs $16, but they're all totally worth braving the drear and drizzle.

    Seattle Bouldering Project, Every day, $16 adults/$12 students
    Don’t be intimidated. Bouldering is just indoor rock climbing where you’re closer to the ground and don’t use harnesses or ropes — and it’s for anyone who likes to climb on stuff. It’s a great workout, equal parts mental and physical, and most of all, it’s super fun. SBP is a particular treat with an earnest community feel, an airy space with floor-to-ceiling windows and a gym downstairs. They also have an ever-expanding array of classes, including yoga for all levels and, of course, bouldering if you need a formal introduction.

    Seattle Arts and Lectures Series
    Various locations this spring, $15/$5 students (free day of with student ID)
    This series never fails to impress me. Check out the full list (including poets galore and Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn) to be titillated and inspired. In the immediate future, Town Hall welcomes comic artist Chris Ware and graphic designer Chip Kidd (credited with revolutionizing the modern-day book cover). But I’m removing links from my paper chain in anticipation of short story writer George Saunders. On March 24th, the great writer, speaker and all-around man returns to Town Hall and you should buy your tickets now because he will sell out. As for describing his work, I don’t feel qualified, so here’s a link to two of my favorite Saunders stories: “Sea Oak” and “Sticks.”

    Silent Movie Mondays
    The Paramount Theatre, Mondays 1/13, 1/27. 2/3, 2/10, $10
    Silent Movie Mondays (brought to you by Trader Joe’s) are back, this time featuring Sunrise, Pandora’s Box, Peter Pan and The General as part of the Adored and Restored Series. Whet that appetite for complementary Trader Joe’s snack bags and the live Wurlitzer organ soundtrack.


    The Moth
    Fremont Abbey. First Thursday of each month, 8 p.m., $8 adv or day-of
    I’ve written about The Moth before and after finally scoring tickets here, after months of attempts (which was somehow a way more difficult task than when I did so in NYC), I can recommend it more highly than ever. Each night of storytelling focuses on a different theme (Living Quarters, Love Hurts, Beginnings) with 10 storytellers presenting their own story. It’s intimate, funny, and a great time to bask in an art form that is rarely gets the spotlight it deserves.

    Rat City Rollergirls

    Key Arena, Saturdays through August (1/18, 2/15, 3/15. 4/12, 5/10, 6/7, 7/12, 8/9) $15 adv
    Full disclosure: I have yet to witness roller derby, so this recommendation is based entirely on the intimidation and awe I feel when I see the Rollergirls out and about. The unifying characteristic: they’re all bad-ass and fun-loving, much like the sport of roller derby itself, which has unparalleled energy and fandom. Each bout is only $15! Check out our series on the Rat City girls.


    Rat City Rollergirls photo by Mansonite Burn/Flickr.

    What are you doing this weekend? Let us know in the comments area below. And if you hear of any interesting – under $15 - events in or around our grand city, please email editor@crosscut.com.

    Nicole Capozziello is a former Wisconsinite with a past split between cheesehouse and liberal arts college. She has called Seattle her home since 2009. She currently works at TOPS alternative school, and at Theo Chocolate, where she lives the dream as a chocolate factory tour guide. She enjoys cooking, exploring Seattle’s lovely parks with her dog and wonderful friends and attending author readings.

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