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    $15 or Less: National Pie Day, SAM's art book sale, indie music at The Tractor

    Plus, SIFF's Women in Cinema fest and tree-themed strolls through the Arboretum - all for $15 or less.
    Anna Paquin stars in Free Ride at SIFF.

    Anna Paquin stars in Free Ride at SIFF. shockya.com

    This week, I'm recommending indie music, discounted art books, women in film and a walk (fingers crossed) in the sunshine. I also advise making room in your heart — and stomach — for National Pie Day (Thursday). The only Pi Day I’ve ever known, or observed, is 3.14. What can I say? I've branched out.
    Seattle Asian Art Museum, Wed. 1/22 to Sun. 1/26. 10-5 most days, 10-9 Thurs. FREE
    SAM exhibition catalogues and a wealth of art books at bargain prices make this a not-to-be-missed event for artists, art lovers, crafters and anyone with a coffee table. The sale, at the Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park, goes through Sunday.
    National Pie Day
    All day, everywhere with a soul, Thurs. 1/23
    3.14 is the first pi(e) day I honored and, as such, will always be dear to me. However, what kind of monster would I be if I couldn’t make room in my heart for one more opportunity to celebrate arguably the world’s greatest confectionary treasure? So, on this day, eat some pie. Make it yourself (Here’s my favorite key lime pie recipe — with a salted almond crust and wild blueberry compote.) Share a slice with a friend at uber cute Shoofly Pie in West Seattle. Sample one of the sweet, savory (gluten free!) selections at Fremont's Pie. Or hit High 5 Pie on Capitol Hill. It's all good, no matter how you slice it.
    The Tractor Tavern, Fri. 1/24 at 9 p.m., $10
    In case we didn’t already suspect it, there’s something in the water in Athens, Georgia. The birthplace of bands like R.E.M., Neutral Milk Hotel and the B-52 and now indie rock's Futurebirds. I first heard Futurebirds on KEXP, which regularly sings the praises of the band's “echoing folk melodies and loose, jam-friendly rhythms” and unwavering habit of letting songs ride out as long as they want to. The band is here in support of their 2013 album Baba Yaga.

    SIFF Cinema Uptown and SIFF Film Center, Wed. 1/22- Sun. 1/26, $11 general
    This weekend, celebrate the current works of women in cinema, on camera and behind it. The convergence of this festival and the annual Academy Awards reminds me that only one woman has ever won an Oscar for Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker). Only four women directors have ever been nominated. So come support the work of Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin (in Free Ride) and filmmaker Enid Zentelis, whose Bottled Up takes on the struggles of addiction. I’m most excited about A Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden, a true murder-mystery chronicling a couple’s search for utopia on an uninhabited island in the 1930s, and the characters who come to join them. 
    Free Weekend Walk, UW Botanic Gardens, Sun. 1/26 from 1-2:30, FREE
    I’m going to let you in on a secret: Most walks are free. Of course, there can be downsides, like constantly crossing the street to avoid construction, noise from construction, having a destination. I can assure you that none of these negatives hold true at the Arboretum, where you'll not only walk in peacful quiet but will be led around by an expert from the UW Botanic Garden. And there's a theme: Ancient tree species! Appreciate and learn about these silent giants, many of which have been around since Pangea. Another plus: Sunshine is in the cards for this weekend.
    Chop Suey, Wed. 1/29 at 8 p.m, $8 advance, $10 day-of
    When you listen to Mississippi-based musician Dent May, it’ll come as no surprise that his home is on Animal Collective’s label Paw Tracks. Initially a ukulele master, May’s music now combines catchy melodies, synths and a love of Brian Wilson. The combo makes his songs eye-closingly, head-boppingly blissful and danceable.


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