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    The Daily Troll: Seahawk madness. Bertha on hold. Today in Olympia: the ferries.

    Will Seattle ride the M.V. Marshawn Lynch to victory on Sunday? Praising the DREAM Act (carefully).
    The Daily Troll: News for your evening commute.

    The Daily Troll: News for your evening commute. Art work by Noel Franklin

    Mayor predicts Super Bowl

    It's official, so to speak: The Seahawks will win 24-14. That's what Mayor Ed Murray said on NBC's "Today" show. Hizzoner is making the media rounds, including — impressive! — "The Colbert Report." (You can catch the Colbert segment here.) — J.C. 

    Seahawks at sea

    If you're riding a ferry on Sunday, you might be surprised to find it renamed. The ferry system is putting up posters on its ships honoring individual players by naming the vessels after them. On Sunday and Sunday only, the Yakima will be the M.V. Red Bryant, the Puyallup the Marshawn Lynch, and the Tacoma the Russell Wilson. Don't wear orange, unless you want to be left standing on the dock. — J.C. 

    Bertha stalled, again

    The Washington State Department of Transportation said Friday that contractor Seattle Tunnel Partners has shut down the tunnel-boring machine on the Seattle waterfront. The Bertha machine had moved forward 2 feet a day on Tuesday and Wednesday but showed signs of overheating. Outside experts will meet with state and Seattle Tunnel Partners engineers next week to “determine the best path forward.” As Crosscut’s Matt Fikse-Verkerk calculated Monday, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see how the work can be finished by this September, as had been expected. — J.C. 

    Today in Olympia

    • Speaking of ferries, a new bill would require the Washington State Ferry system to upgrade how it investigates accidents and incidents. Rep. Larry Seaquist's measure would establish a system for appointing investigators with the authority to go through records and conduct interviews. The ferry system would also be required to provide the investigators with legal counsel, outside experts and the staff necessary to conduct the investigatin. And the bill asks for a full report on the costs of all accidents over the past five years. — J.S. 
    • The Senate Democrats have joined their House counterparts in an attempt to raise the annual beginning teacher salary to $52,074. The current rate is $34,048 a year for beginning teachers with bachelor's degrees and no experience. Individual school districts negotiate with their individual unions on how much local money goes to each teacher on top of the state allocation. Sen.Christine Rolfes, D-Bainbridge Island, introduced this bill Friday. It's the same as the bill that Rep. Chris Reykdal, D-Olympia, submitted several days ago. — J.S. 
    DREAM Act - and an email that got away

    As expected, the state Senate passed a version of the DREAM Act, which gives children of undocumented immigrants access to college financial aid. It's something to celebrate — but some Democrats couldn't help but wonder what took Republicans so long. In an accidental email release (happens in every new administration, folks) one communications aide for Ed Murray showed a colleague — and the office's entire media email list (oops) —  two possible statements from the Seattle mayor. "Two statements below," said the email. "One more straightforward, one with a tisk-tisk feel." The scolding option noted that, while a state senator, the mayor took up "this fight so many years ago." — J.C. 


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    Joe Copeland is political editor for Crosscut. You can reach him at Joe.Copeland@crosscut.com.

    John Stang covers state government for Crosscut. He can be reached by writing editor@crosscut.com.

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    Posted Fri, Jan 31, 5:12 p.m. Inappropriate

    Glad the legislature is taking seriously the investigation of ferry boat accidents. Who will pay or can one assume the legislature will add funds to the ferry budget to pay for this?

    As a ferry rider, I'm more concerned about the lack of staffing which makes everyone late rather than the occasional accident.


    Posted Sat, Feb 1, 12:16 p.m. Inappropriate

    "And the bill asks for a full report on the costs of all accidents over the past five years."

    Just how many accidents have the ferries had in the last 5 years anyway?

    The larger problem are the too many office WSF staffers, the ferry boat crews who seem to believe they aren't responsible for showing up when they are scheduled to work, and the fact that this state has 10 fewer 144-car ferry boats than they need -- TODAY.

    I can hardly believe legislation to differently investigate ferry boat accidents is a priority, and would like information as to why this might be a need.

    Posted Sat, Feb 1, 8:38 p.m. Inappropriate

    What is Bertha's problem really?
    Overheating? Does Berfy have an upset stomach,
    a mood swing? a bad hair day?
    I'll bet on a water deluge way past predictions,
    and a worry that at at the tunnel's deepest level,
    a swamp of gooey mud will allow accellerated vibration,
    displacing vulnerable structures beyond repair,
    at earthquake sudden collapse of inhabited buildings.
    Don't ask Warshdot infrastructure questions
    Warshdirt spokespersons aren't allowed to answer.

    Say Good Bye to The Underground, to Old Town, to Seattle.
    Bertha is NOT your friend nor Warshdot good old boys
    nor their older than they look, girlfrends.


    Posted Sat, Feb 1, 9:46 p.m. Inappropriate

    Cool, if this tunnel thing doesn't work out, at least we know it inspired some really good poetry.


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