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    The Daily Troll: Nadella's new Microsoft. 300,000 Seahawks parade check-ins? The GOP's Supreme Court attack.

    Plus, Washington's latest Boeing 'I-told-you-so' moment and a new model for keeping homeless kids in school.

    Microsoft CEO Nadella

    New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will bring Bill Gates into an advisory role, but he's talking about innovation and change. Even with Gates helping out, it is a new era at Microsoft, as GeekWire's John Cook writes. In his first memo as CEO to employees, the 22-year Microsoft executive Nadella writes, "While we have seen great success, we are hungry to do more. Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation." He goes on to say "we are headed for greater places." There's a brief Microsoft-posted interview with Nadella below, and under that, Nadella's advisor offers an introduction of his own, saying it "will be fun" to work more directly on upcoming products.  — J.C. 

    Punishing Supreme Court for McCleary?

    Senate Republicans, who have been muttering about the Supreme Court thinking it knows how to do the Legislature's job, are clearly trying to punish the court for its ruling that public schools need ample funding. A bill that made it out of a Senate committee on Monday would reduce the court size from nine justices to just seven. As The Spokesman Review reports, Republicans say they just want to save a little money. But tell-it-like-it-is Democratic Sen. Adam Kline says it is payback for the McCleary ruling on school funding. — J.C. 

    A big(ger) parade for the Super Bowl Champs

    City officials are now anticipating about 300,000 people — triple the original estimate — will turn out for a Seahawks Super Bowl victory parade in downtown Seattle on Wednesday. The parade will start at 11 a.m. south of Denny Way, and travel south down Fourth Avenue to CenturyLink Field. Mayor Ed Murray said on Monday that the Seattle Police Department, federal agencies, the King County Sheriffs Office, the Washington State Patrol and local transit agencies are all working to orchestrate the celebration effort. The parade, he said, could turn out to be one of the largest public events in Seattle's history. While Seattle schools will be in session, Murray hopes they'll consider it an excused absence if parents decide to let their students take the day off. 

    Oh, and what about the cost? The Seahawks, Murray said, will pick up most of the tab. The mayor, however, declined to give specific numbers on Tuesday, saying he didn't want to get them wrong or give the 'Hawks "sticker-shock." Some folks aren't waiting for an officially sanctioned chance to celebrate with the players, according to this Golden Tate tweet spotted by Crosscut contributor @Art_Thiel.  — B.L.

    Today in Olympia: Homeless idea

    • One Washington state legislator is proposing a pilot program to provide low-income housing to homeless families so their kids don’t get shuffled from school to school. Rep. Ruth Kagi’s bill would let school districts compete for a $300,000, two-year grant that would be used for rent, utilities and other shelter-related expenses for homeless families. The bill would only take effect if the Legislature provides an appropriation by June 30. — J.S.

    Boeing redux

    It looks like Boeing picked the right locale for production of its 777X. Quoting Boeing sources, The Seattle Times reports that 787 Dreamliner fuselage sections assembled in South Carolina continue to arrive in the Northwest with numerous problems. Essentially, South Carolina is meeting increased production goals by sending out unfinished fuselage sections for Everett to finish off. But, before we all start panicking at the thought of boarding a 787, Everett workers assure The Times the final products are top-notch. — J.C.

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    John Stang covers state government for Crosscut. He can be reached by writing editor@crosscut.com.

    Bill Lucia writes about Seattle City Hall and politics for Crosscut. He can be reached at bill.lucia@crosscut.com and you can follow him on Twitter @bill_lucia.

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