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    The Daily Troll: Top Republican under ethics microscope. Seattle's icicle problem. Protesting at Pike Place.

    Not to mention, Pioneer Square's pergola's already on the rebound and a top Puget Sound architectural firm relocates.

    Seattle's icicle problem

    At least one person died in a massive pileup this morning on snowy I-5 near Battleground outside Vancouver, Wash., according to the Columbian. Portland and neighboring Vancouver are getting socked with "the biggest snow storm of 2014" and it's a nasty one: schools closed, folks going home early and road chaos.  

    The storm could dump up to 7 inches of snow across much of the state by Friday. In Albany, Ore., a 20-car pileup closed I-5 mid-morning, according to KGW-TV. Early in the afternoon, only one lane had reopened for northbound traffic. 

    Washington state is getting off easy: Spokane is only expecting possible light snow, according to The Spokesman, and Seattle's biggest traffic problem seems to be icicles. 

    — J.C.

    Pergola already bouncing back

    Repairs on the Pioneer Square pergola began Thursday, thanks in part to $16,000 in crowd-sourced funding instigated by Seattle mom Amanda Gallagher Quinn. Quinn, 36, has never watched a Seahawks game, but told the Seattle Times she is "a fan of the fans." Damaged during Pioneer Square's post-Super Bowl melee early Sunday morning, the pergola fell victim to partiers who climbed on its roof, busting 20 glass panels at $800 to $900 a pop. Patching up the glass is expected to take two days, but bent copper flashing that keeps the pergola's roof from leaking will take longer. Built in 1909, the pergola once housed an underground restroom rumored to be the finest in the West. Though the loo shut down in the 1940s, the structure remained. It's probably just as well. Today, Seattle's Best has a very different connotation. — B.L.

    Ethics probe for McMorris Rodgers?

    A House committee may launch an ethics probe of rising star Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the Spokane Republican who just delivered her party's response to the State of the Union address. Seattle Times D.C. correspondent Kyung M. Song reports that an ex-aide alleges McMorris Rodgers violated spending rules during her successful 2012 campaign for a House party leadership post. The details so far sound highly technical: Campaign staffers allegedly came to her government office to work with her taxpayer-paid chief of staff during work hours, an offense that would have been fine after normal work hours. — J.C.

    Protesting at Pike Place

    Local representatives of the environmental group Food & Water Watch, including one person dressed as a cow, went to Pike Place Market Thursday to protest the heavy use of antibiotics in meat. They want Seattle City Council to pass a resolution urging Congress to restrict the use of antibiotics in agriculture. Health experts believe antibiotic use can breed antibiotic-resistant so-called super bugs, which can be virtually impossible to treat. Protestors hope getting the council on their side would pressure Sen. Patty Murray, who is on a committee that would deal with the proposed bill. — J.C.

    But what's in your food?

    Food writer Michael Pollan shared this satirical video about food marketing practics on Twitter Thursday morning. It starts a little slowly, but then thoroughly skewers so-called "natural" food labeling. — J.C.

    Goodbye, Bellevue. Hello, Seattle

    Architecture firm Mulvanny/G2 is moving its headquarters from Bellevue to Seattle, the Puget Sound Business Journal reports. The company, the third largest architectural firm in the region, will move its 220 employees to 1101 Second Avenue in downtown Seattle. Writer Marc Stiles notes that famed World's Fair architect Paul Thiry designed the 1101 building. — J.C.

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    Joe Copeland is political editor for Crosscut. You can reach him at Joe.Copeland@crosscut.com.

    Bill Lucia writes about Seattle City Hall and politics for Crosscut. He can be reached at bill.lucia@crosscut.com and you can follow him on Twitter @bill_lucia.

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    Posted Fri, Feb 7, 8:12 a.m. Inappropriate

    Portland drivers in the snow.

    We aren't half bad, if you compare the two.


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