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    Foster youth finds solace 'behind closed doors'

    Poetry: Sometimes you just want to hide from the noise of a fight.
    If Only

    If Only Credit: Robin Lindley

    Editor's Note: As part of our Kids@Risk series, we occasionally publish prose and poetry from at-risk youth. The poem below was created in the Pongo Teen Writing program, a volunteer nonproft that uses writing to help young people heal.
    by a young man, age 17, in foster care
    Behind closed doors
    things go on – like fighting
    My parents are fighting
    They’re arguing about nothing
    But it has to be something
    I tend to run and hide
    to lose the noise
    Under the bed with my brothers and sisters
    we would hide
    Behind closed doors
    We would play under the bed
    with our toy army men and a flashlight
    me and my little brother
    After the fight
    Behind closed doors
    it was calm – no more noise
    Me and my brother would sit down and play toys
    My parents would come out
    We would come out from under the bed
    We would run up to my mom
    hug her, and ask if she is OK
    If only behind closed doors
    Everything will be OK

    If Only was created in the Pongo Teen Writing program, a volunteer nonproft that works with young people in jail, on the streets or in some other way leading difficult lives to express themselves through writing.

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