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    The Daily Troll: Public housing, Red Bryant get the boot. Boeing's self-destructing smart phone. The real Joe Dear.

    Plus, Jim Cramer raves about Zulily.

    Boeing gets into the phone business

    Just a few days after the debut of the snoop-proof Black Phone, Boeing announced its own super-secret, similarly-named mobile device, Boeing Black. Designed to protect trade and government secrets for industry partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security, the Boeing Black even has a self-destruct features, just in case it should fall into the wrong hands. How very clandestine. — HBO

    Angel kills housing bill

    Today, the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus blocked (26-23) an attempt by Democrats to revive a homeless-housing bill. The bill, which passed the House (62-36), would have renewed a $40 fee on home sales and used the revenue to help homeless Washingtonians procure public housing. The News Tribune reported that Rep. Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard and co-chair of the Senate's Financial Insitutions Committee, abruptly gaveled the Thursday committee meeting to a close just before the housing bill was scheduled to come up for a vote to move it out of committee. 

    Over Democratic protests, the majority coalition installed Angel as committee co-chair part way through the session, demoting then-chair Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, to co-chair. Hobbs opposed Angel's abrupt action on the House bill, which he believed had bipartisan support in the Senate going into the committee process. "To simply do away with a primary source of funding that actually helps solve the homeless problem is ignorant at best and evil at worst,” said Hobbs in a press release. The minority Democrats fell two votes short (25-23) of reviving the bill on the floor. — JS

    Seahawks announce predictable shakeup

    Few were surprised today when the Seahawks released wide receiver Sidney Rice and defensive end Red Bryant today. Both players were up for substantial raises — though, as the AP reports, neither quite performed at a level that would justify a raise. The personnel move could save the Seahawks as much as $12 million.

    Jim Cramer picks Zulily

    Jim “Mad Money” Cramer has his eye on diaper bags and cute sweaters for mom. The frenetic CNBC host aggressively praised Zulily today, calling the Seattle-based deals site a “rival” for Amazon, GeekWire reports. The company’s stock has skyrocketed since its favorable Q4 earnings release, but not everyone sides with Cramer on this. MarketWatch warns that Amazon could move in and edge out the local competition if they double-down on the already fizzling daily deal market.

    The real Joe Dear

    Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is making national headlines — for all the wrong reasons again. But amidst all the jokes about Murray’s office releasing a statement about a dead man who wasn’t really dead, it’s worthwhile to pause and acknowledge the man who actually did pass away this week. Joseph A. Dear, chief of staff for former Gov. Gary Locke and director of the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, was a true public servant who was much admired in Olympia and beyond. An Evergreen College alum, Dear was a savvy investor, who helped lead California’s — indeed, the nation’s — largest public pension fund out of the wilderness when the economy took a nosedive in 2008. As assistant secretary of OSHA during the Clinton administration, he formed a taskforce that addressed critical oversights in workplace safety and health. Joe Dear died on Wednesday, in Sacramento, of prostate cancer, at age 62. Nothing funny about that. — H.B.C.

    John Stang covers state government for Crosscut. He can be reached by writing editor@crosscut.com.

    Hanna Brooks Olsen is a freelance writer and sometimes radio talker. Her work has appeared on KOMO News, NPR, the Huffington Post, McSweeney's, Bitch Magazine, XOJane and the Gloss.

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    Posted Fri, Feb 28, 8:09 p.m. Inappropriate

    Joe Dear was a stand up guy and a great public servant. I met him when I worked for Governor Locke. He was someone who would tell staff the facts and the policy as Governor Locke saw them. You knew when he spoke it was for the Governor. And when the decision was made and you carried it out, he and the Governor would back you up. Thanks Joe, RIP. People like you do not come along often enough.

    Posted Sun, Mar 2, 12:47 p.m. Inappropriate

    When I was editor in the 1960s of the newspaper that serves all the major public housing areas of Seattle, Neighborhood House, I wouldn't have been happy that the Senate stopped this bill. Back then most of those in public housing were women with children who had gone through divorce and had few job skills.
    Today the overwhelming majority of those in public housing are immigrants, and subsidized housing acts as another of many magnets that attract the large numbers of illegal and legal immigrants unsustainably to this country.
    It's past time to have public housing again more available to citizens.

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