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    Voices from the Street: Aaron and Becca

    Homeless kids can often find a hot meal and a hot shower. Maybe even a bed. But sometimes what they need most is a friend.

    Editor's Note: This is the first in a series of radio conversations between homeless youth. "Voices from the Street" will also be broadcast on KPLU-FM.

    On any given night in King County, as many as 1,000 youth are out on the streets. Crosscut News has been writing about these young people. And as part of our occasional series called “Voices From the Street,” reporter Florangela Davila will be bringing us radio conversations between between Aaron, who is 19, and Becca, who is 20.

    They met at a Friends of Youth shelter on the Eastside. They talk about their friendship and about some of the lessons they’ve learned from being homeless. Aaron and Becca asked that we not use their last names.

    The day after this interview, Becca moved into her own apartment. She’s now juggling two fast-food jobs and community college. Aaron has taken off to Alaska for a job on a fishing boat.

    This story was produced by Crosscut's Florangela Davila. Music ("Asa Nisi Masa") is by Johnny Ripper. The Crosscut" series "Voices from the Street" can also be heard on KPLU-FM.

    To see all Crosscut's Kids@Risk coverage, click here.

    Florangela Davila is Contributing Arts Editor at Crosscut. A freelance journalist, she is also a regular contributor to NPR-affiliate KPLU-FM. She's a former faculty member at the University of Washington and a former reporter at The Seattle Times. You can follow her arts-centric Twitter feed @florangela or email her at florangela.davila@crosscut.com.

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    Posted Mon, Apr 7, 6:01 a.m. Inappropriate

    At 19 and 20, they are adults, not children.This is absurd.


    Posted Thu, Apr 10, 10:22 a.m. Inappropriate

    Over 18 and they have a roof over their heads. Yep, "homeless youth".

    "as many as 1,000 youth are out on the streets."

    I have an idea, let's just make up numbers that fit an agenda.


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