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    The Daily Troll: Inslee, Murray office shakeups. Lunchtime machete attack? Lakeside's celeb freshman entrepreneur.

    Plus the Hutch's president steps down, Officer John Marion proves he's not all bad and the Seattle Rep schedules a remembrance for Jerry Manning.

    Change in Inslee's office

    Ted Sturdevant, Gov. Jay inslee's senior policy advisor, will step down on June 30. His replacement has not yet been picked. "I’ve decided it’s time for a different pace and a different work-life balance," Sturdevant wrote in a letter to state legislators Thursday. — J.S.

    Murray hires and shuffles

    Mayor Ed Murray has made a major switch in his staff. Former City Councilmember Tina Podlodowski will no longer act as his adviser on police reform, one of Murray's signature issues. Podlodowski had a role in the mishandling of what became an early crisis for Murray — the cancelation of disciplinary findings against several police officers. Podlodowski quickly went on leave after things escalated, but will return to work on the development of "new policy options for public broadband in the city." 

    Scott Lindsay will replace Podlodowski as Special Assistant for Police Reform and Public Safety. his experience includes serving as senior counsel and lead Democratic counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee. More recently, he was an attorney in Seattle with the K&L Gates law firm. Murray also took the opportunity to announce the hiring of M. Lorena González as his legal counsel and an assistant city attorney, a newly created position. Murray's office said a memorandum of understanding with City Attorney Pete Holmes' office to create the arrangement represents "a show of strong collaboration." Former Mayor Mike McGinn and Holmes clashed frequently. — J.C. 

    Midday machete attack

    Seattle police say a 62-year-old man suffered stab wounds during a 12:50 p.m. machete attack at Seventh Avenue S. and S. Main Street, an intersection on the north edge of the International District. Police said they failed to find anyone fitting bystanders' description of a suspect. The attacker was said to have been carrying a machete with a silver blade and a decorative red handle. The police said the victim was uncooperative and provided no information about the attack. The man suffered no life-threatening injuries, but had serious wounds to the shoulder and abdomen. — J.C.

    Score one for Officer John Marion

    Officer John Marion of the Seattle Police Department faced some rough publicity after a run-in with Stranger editor Dominic Holden last summer. But on Tuesday the police officer suffered some real bumps and bruises while chasing a robbery suspect. Marion responded to an incident around 4 p.m. that involved three teenage assailants who stole a purse, medication and a walker (yes, a walker) from a 64-year-old woman walking near Rainier Avenue S. and S. Andover Street. Officers arrived on the scene in what was "more like seconds than minutes," according to South Precinct Captain John Hayes. One of the three suspects, who was later arrested, was restrained by bystanders. While pursuing another of the teens, Marion fell and rolled down a steep embankment, Hayes said, landing on a garbage can. One bystander who witnessed the fall, Hayes said, was sure that the officer would've been hurt, but Marion did not sustain any serious injuries. The robber got away. — B.L.

    15 and on the celebrity track

    Lakeside School freshman Suman Mulumudi is wrapping up his year with national TV attention. Fifteen-year-old Mulumudi is the CEO of StratoScientific, Inc, the company behind the StethIO, an advanced stethoscope that also records heart murmurs. His invention captured attention from NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and will be featured on tonight's "Fallonventions” segment, where Fallon spotlights up and coming youth inventors.  — H.W. 

    Hutch Center's president stepping down

    Once a lab nerd, always a lab nerd: Dr. Larry Corey announced his resignation as the president and director of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center this morning. Dr. Corey, who said he plans to return to his passion for laboratory research in HIV and vaccines, will remain a faculty member in the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, in addition to maintaining his title as president and director emeritus. After June 30, Deputy Director Dr. Mark Groudine will serve as the interim president and director. The Hutch’s board of trustees is starting a national search for Corey’s replacement. — M.L.

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    Posted Sun, May 11, 11:34 a.m. Inappropriate

    Murray continues the long-standing Seattle practice of recycling political insiders, without regard to actual expertise or competence. Tina Podlowdowski was a marginal city council member who failed to note SPD's problems while on the council. Now, having mismanaged the mayor's spin campaign on police reform she's off to do something with broadband (another black hole of political inaction). Once you're in with the cool kids, it's impossible to fail.


    Posted Wed, May 14, 12:56 p.m. Inappropriate

    How come you didn't mention Scott Lindsay's most important qualification? He's the husband of Port Commissioner (and future governor) Courtney Gregoire and son-in-law of the past governor!

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