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    The Daily Troll: Oso survivors to speak up on safety. A breast cancer vaccine? Another Metro funding idea.

    A missing plane, flown by two Seattle men in their 80s, was found in a Wyoming ravine.

    Oso review

    Officials of the state Department of Natural Resources are holding an all-day review of landslide hazards and the Oso muslide, Associated Press reported. During the evening, survivors of the mudslide are expected to testify that tighter controls should be imposed on logging. Peter Goldman, director of the Washington Forest Law Center, told Q13 that their stories ought to help move DNR to develop emergency controls on logging. 

    Breast cancer vaccine tested

    The Providence Regional Cancer Partnership in Everett is one of just 13 sites testing a vaccine to see if it can prevent the recurrence of breast cancer. Initial tests on a small group of women were promising, and the vaccine, combined with other drugs, could provide a major step forward in fighting some types of breast cancer, according to The Herald. The Everett test, which will involve about 50 volunteers, is the only one being conducted in Washington state.

    Metro funding

    The SLOG reports that a draft proposal in Mayor Ed Murray's office outlines the use of a city-only car tab fee and sales tax hike to protect Seattle routes from some of the expected Metro Transit service cuts. The proposal would go on the November ballot. A first round of Metro cuts would be expected to take place before the city would start to collect the additional money, but further cuts could be headed off, according to the memo. As the report notes, the proposal is essentially identical to one that passed in the city but failed in the suburbs last month.

    Missing plane found

    Officials in Wyoming said this afternoon that they located the wreckage of a plane that was reportedly carrying 86-year-old Seattle man, Ward Zimmerman, and his 84-year-old brother Robert Zimmerman of Huntsville, Alabama. The wreckage was in an area of high avalanche danger as rescuers tried to reach the area Monday afternoon and determine the Zimmermans' status, according to the Enterprise in Cody, Wyoming. A helicopter pilot spotted the wreckage in a steep ravine; the local sheriff's office hoped to bring in a larger helicopter to see if it could reach the plane.

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    Posted Thu, May 15, 1:18 p.m. Inappropriate

    Regarding your story about the breast cancer vaccine study being tested at Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, that is not the only breast cancer vaccine study available in this area. The University of Washington-Tumor Vaccine Group (TVG) has a different vaccine study open to prevent recurrence in those who have advanced stage breast cancer and are currently remission. Dr. Nora Disis who heads the TVG, is the creator of the E75 vaccine (the one being tested at Providence) but has allowed for its use. Our group has been doing cancer vaccines (breast and ovarian) for over 15 years. There is a lot going on regarding cancer vaccines.


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