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    The Smartypants Guide to June's Civic Cocktail: Nick Hanauer to talk wages, opportunity and equity

    Sign up for a chat with Nick Hanauer about the $15 minimum wage, inequality and building a stronger society from the middle out. And grab some good food and drink.
    Seattle entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer.

    Seattle entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer. Photo: Nick-Hanauer.com

    Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer has become a national leader in advocating for adopting a higher minimum wage, reducing inequality, taxing the wealthy more heavily and supporting a stronger middle class. 

    Hanauer will be quizzed by journalists and audience members at the June edition of Civic Cocktail, sponsored by the Seattle City Club, Crosscut and the Seattle Channel. 

    Veteran journalist Joni Balter will lead the discussion and a panel of other journalists, including C.R. Douglas, Q13 Fox News political analyst; Maria La Ganga, The Los Angeles Times' Seattle bureau chief; and Knute Berger of Crosscut will chime in. During the second half of the event, the journalists will take center stage to talk about the big local and state stories that they will be following over the summer.

    Note that this is the last edition of Civic Cocktail, which will return in October after its summer break.

    We hope you will join us for the event on Wednesday, June 4 at Tom Douglas' Palace Ballroom, 2100 Fifth Ave. The doors open at 5:30 p.m and the program begins at 6. Admission is $12; Crosscut and City Club members pay only $10. The cost covers light appetizers; a no-host bar is also available. Register here.

    And whether or not you attend, here are some stories to make you the true class smartypants on inequality.

    "Why a $15 minimum wage will make Seattle stronger," by Nick Hanauer," Crosscut op-ed.

    "$15 minimum wage support, sticking points on display at inequality symposium," by Bill Lucia, Crosscut.

    "Seattle 1-percenter a leader in push for $15 minimum wage," by Jim Brunner, Seattle Times.

    "The Machine and the Garden," by Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer, New York Times op-ed.

    "President Adopts Catchphrase to Describe Proposed Recipe for Economic Revival," New York Times.



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    Posted Mon, May 26, 9:28 a.m. Inappropriate

    Was Nick going to cover the fact he doesn't pay his employees the "minimum wage" he is advocating for?

    How about if Nick talks about how he backed the State Income Tax on the wealthy? You remember a couple years ago when Nick and Bill Gates Senior got the State Income Tax on the ballot. Please ask Nick, since he stated the wealthy would not be significantly impacted by the State Income Tax, if he has been writing checks to the State for the difference between what he is currently paying and what he thought he should be paying under his own proposal of an Income Tax? He is writing those checks to the State...right?


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