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    The Daily Troll: 1 reported dead, several injured in Seattle Pacific shooting. Repealing $15 minimum wage? Pricey math textbooks.

    Pricey City Light boss. Newest recruit in the war on Amazon's ebook stance: Stephen Colbert.

    Shooting at Seattle Pacific University

    Update 5:23 p.m. One male student has died from injuries he sustained in the shooting at Seattle Pacific University, KIRO TV reports. KOMO TV says the male student was in his 20s. Another shooting victim, a 20-year-old woman in critical condition is in surgery. Two other shooting victims, both men, were listed in satisfactory condition.

    Multiple reports initially said that police were looking for a possible second suspect but the police soon corrected those reports. There is only one suspect and he is in custody, after staff subdued him while he was reloading his weapon. The campus was on lockdown until shortly after 5 p.m. Police tweeted at 4:40 p.m. that SWAT teams were continuing to clear buildings of students, faculty and staff. 

    The shootings took place in Otto Miller Hall, which houses the divisions of computer science, engineering, math and physics. SPU says it has 4,000 undergraduates and graduates work at its campus in north Queen Anne.

    Jillian Smith, a sophomore from West Seattle, took this photo of Seattle police inside Otto Miller as they investigated. More coverage is here.

    Business group wants to stop $15 minimum wage

    Forward Seattle, which describes itself as a grassroots business coalition, filed a charter amendment Thursday to overturn Seattle’s $15 per hour minimum wage law. Their more “business-friendly” plan is to instead raise the wage to $12.50 an hour by 2020. David Rolf, SEIU 775 President and co-chair of Mayor Ed Murray's Income Inequality Advisory Committee (IIAC), responded to the proposal today. “Those of us on the IIAC who worked tirelessly for months to produce a plan that works for labor and business are deeply disappointed to see others pursuing plans that would weaken the gains for our community,” Rolf said. Forward Seattle leaders said they will be working "incredibly hard" in coming weeks to gather the required signatures — 30,957, according to the City Clerk's Office — to get their measure before voters. — J.B. 

    Seattle School Board rejects math textbook recommendation

    In a 4-3 vote, the Seattle School Board rejected the advice of a district-led committee in selecting new math textbooks for the district’s 27,000 elementary students, deciding instead to purchase a separate set of textbooks, KPLU reports. Schools nationally and across the state are implementing a set of new education standards called the Common Core Standards. In April, a district-led committee recommended the Seattle School Board purchase new textbooks, called enVision, which are more in line with the Common Core Standards and require students to use more writing when answering questions. But some community members say textbooks with more words won’t help English Language Learners, and instead recommended another set of textbooks called Math in Focus, which feature more visual components.

    Supporters of Math in Focus say the books will do a better job of closing the achievement gaps among students of different races and socioeconomic classes. "The Common Core has not yet gotten us there. Maybe it will," argued board president Sharon Peaslee. "But I think we can count on these textbooks,” she said in reference to Math in Focus. These textbooks do come with a higher price tag however, costing the district $6.9 million compared to $3 million for enVision. — M.L.

    The highest paid gets higher paid

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    Posted Thu, Jun 5, 10:59 p.m. Inappropriate

    On the Seattle Schools' math adoption, a few things that need correction from your story.

    "Schools nationally and across the state are implementing the Common Core Standards, a set of new federally approved education standards. "

    Arne Duncan would slap your hand for saying these are "federally approved" standards. They are not. They come to us via a governors group and state offices of education group. There's nothing federal about it. (Not to say that Duncan doesn't love them; he does.)

    As for that price tag, Math in Focus will cost more but double? There is no agreement that staff got that number right (as Director Sue Peters aptly pointed out last night).

    But math, along with reading, are the basics of education. Do we really want our district to skimp on math curriculum especially when a couple of schools in district have been using it with great results? (I'll note that Highline school district is using this math curriculum and they have a similar free/reduced lunch population to Seattle's and there is mobility among students between these districts so having the same curriculum could really help.)

    Math curriculum: about $6M. Better math outcomes for more children (especially for ELL and F/RL students)? Priceless.


    Posted Mon, Jun 9, 12:03 p.m. Inappropriate

    I am very skeptical of these types of events given human kinds history of false flags. Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njh0Iq6BYUc&list;=UUmHNFfsgWPyhxBbs7iSGkqw

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