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Reader Photos: How to beat Seattle’s heat

Pacific Northwest residents are accustomed to all things temperate (weather and “polite” demeanor included), but this month has been exception: Record hot temperatures throughout the region pushed Puget Sounders into lakes, sprinklers and frozen yogurt shops. On Friday, Crosscut asked for readers to submit photos on Facebook of the best way to beat the heat this summer. Below are a few of their submissions. 

A man jumping over a wave.

Zac Cohn jumps over a wave at Shi Shi Beach. Photo by Kyle Kesterson. 

Baby sitting in a bucket of water.

Baby in a bucket. Photo by Hannah Taylor. 

Woman relaxing on kayak at Seward Park.

Keeping cool at Seward Park. Photo by Jon Hathaway.

Cat lounges on table with fan in the background.

You know it's hot when Seattle cats are looking for a breeze. Photo by Denise Vincent.

High Five sign in Fremont.

High Five, Fremont. Photo by Crutis Cronn.

Pitbull plays in sprinkler

Beating the heat the best way we know how! Photo by Riley Shiery.

We feel cooler just looking at these.

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