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    The Weekend List: The arts and culture guide to Seattle's good life

    Musicals about urine: Your cup of tea? (So to speak.) How about socially motivated Mexican sculpture? S'mores? Street food? P-Patch walking tours? Free local pop-rap?

    * denotes events that are $15 or less


    When Balagan Theatre heard Seattle Musical Theatre also wanted to produce a version of “Urinetown” this year, the two companies said, Hmm, Why not put on this pee-themed Tony-winning musical together? 

    So here it is, a show about a toilet scarcity and city politics and wanting to do your personal business your way. It had to be my Number One (get it?) pick.

    If you go: Urinetown, Seattle Musical Theatre at Magnuson Park, Aug. 8 to Aug. 24 ($35). — F.D.

    Agua es Vida! *

    If it’s got a title en español, I’m interested. (I can’t help it; it’s Who I Am). The artist is named Gustavo Martinez and the large-scale clay and mixed media sculpture show is a solo exhibition about water: Mother Nature’s water; water that destroys; water that calms; water that keeps humans alive.

    Martinez was born in Jalisco, Mexico. After getting his Master’s of Fine Arts at the UW, he worked as a ceramic water filter production consultant and helped raise funds for residents in rural Guatemalan communities so they could have access to potable water.

    If you go: Agua es Vida! Gallery4Culture, Aug. 7 to Aug. 28 (Free) — F.D.

    National S’mores Day

    National S’mores Day is August 10th! (I know, it’s been a year already?!)  A few local confectionaries will be celebrating, including beloved molten chocolate cake wonderland, Hot Cakes, and my workplace, organic, fair trade chocolate maker, Theo Chocolate. Starting on Friday, Hot Cakes will be showcasing s’mores in everything from their s’mores milkshake to s’mores molten cake. On Sunday (the holy day itself), things get extra-special with made-to-order s’mores from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Wednesday and Thursday (8/13 and 8/14), I’ll be making s’mores from 12-6 p.m. outside of Theo Chocolate. Consider: Housemade marshmallows atop regular or gluten-free graham cracker, 5 kinds of chocolate, AND this year, the option of a peanut butter cup s’more. If that isn’t worth getting sticky for, I don’t know what is.

    If you go: S’mores Day(s), Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery, Aug. 8 to 10 and Theo Chocolate, Aug. 13 and 14 (Prices vary). All ages – N.C.

    Seattle Street Food Festival *

    Our street food scene is burgeoning, and while the celebrations of that fact seem never-ending, who’s to argue with putting a bunch of delicious, inventive food in one place? Vietnamese, hot dogs, Japanese hot dogs, Native American, Salvadorian, Filipino, Ezell’s, Veraci pizza, Hawaiian, Cajun, Thai (at Thai-U-Up…), deep-fried PB&J – your appetite will not go a-wanting. This year, the festival also partners with the Urban Craft Uprising so you can shop for crafts before, after or betwixt all the face-stuffing.

    If you go: Seattle Street Food Festival, Capitol Hill (Cal Anderson Park), Aug. 8 and 9. (FREE) All ages — N.C.

    Yppah, Katie Kate *

    There’s simply no better way to kick off a weekend than seeing free music outside. Unless you want to drive out to the Gorge and pay to see Arcade Fire (that might take the cake; see my recommendation below). But if you feel inclined to stay closer to Seattle, KEXP’s second free concert at Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheater is an excellent use of time. Headlining is Yppah, one of those wonderfully modern rock acts that blends computer-programmed percussion with live keyboard, guitar and bass. It’s polished, and even a little trip-hoppy, like Portishead. Seattle pop/rap genre bender Katie Kate, an artist I never tire of seeing live, will also be performing. She brings heaps of sassy energy every time.


     If you go: Concerts at the Mural: Yppah, Katie Kate, IG88, Mural Amphitheater, Aug. 8 (free). All ages – J.S.H.

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