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Video: Assessing 9 City Council races

Credit: Seattle Top Story

On November 3rd, Seattle is poised to make history, electing City Council members by district.  In this video, Crosscut contributors examine the dynamics each of these new districts — Ben Anderstone analyzes the demographics; David Kroman reports on the politics; and Drew Atkins digs into the fundraising numbers.

In Seattle, voters are choosing council members by district for the first time in over a hundred years.

It’s the result of a 2013 charter amendment in which voters decided to eliminate the longstanding system of having all members chosen by a citywide vote.

Under the new system, only two members will be chosen to at-large seats representing all city residents.

We look at those citywide races first, then turn to each of the seven district contests.


At-large seats (Positions 8 and 9):


District 1 West Seattle


District 2 South Seattle


District 3 Central Area


District 4 University Area


District 5 North Seattle


District 6 North Ship Canal 


District 7 Downtown 


Join Crosscut at Civic Cocktail on Nov. 4 for a post-election wrap-up with political consultants Chris Sinderman and John Wyble, and former Seattle mayor Charley Royer. Then, Sen. Pramila Jayapal will discuss race, rent control and more.


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