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A day for the homeless, and for solutions: #SeaHomeless

Seattle media organizations will focus on homelessness on June 28. (Matt M. McKnight/Cascade Public Media)


Homelessness by the numbers

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Note: An earlier version of the infographic had the incorrect amount awarded to emergency shelters providers for 2017-18. It has been corrected.

Infographic of 2016 data on homelessness in the Seattle area and around America

They subsist on the margins. They live in the spaces in between our homes and businesses and beneath our freeways. They are some of our society’s most vulnerable members, struggling with homelessness, and at last count, in King County alone they were more than 11,000 strong.

That’s the equivalent of a city the size of Woodinville, living on our streets.

Today, Crosscut joins a host of local media organizations in dedicating our website and our social media channels to them, and to finding solutions to a problem that has haunted this region for far too long.

We will track the action on the page below, providing links to all the work from Seattle-area news outlets. Please help spread these good words on Facebook, and join the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #SeaHomeless.

Tammi Lynn, a landlord, rents her apartments to those on the verge of homelessness. Credit: Matt M. McKnight/Cascade Public Media

The hard truths about Seattle’s new homeless fix

Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa was built in stages between 1976 and 1985.Credit: Hertha Hurnaus

The city that solved homelessness

quixote village

The tiny-house village that started a movement

image of Michael, a homeless college student

Part-time student, full-time homeless

Stories from around Seattle

Today: Homeless in America

13 years of community-based healing at Recovery Cafe

‘I need to know I am still here.’ A poem about Seattle homelessness

#SeaHomeless: As housing prices soar, tech sector steps up efforts to ease homeless crisis

#SeaHomeless: Does the CID have a NIMBY attitude toward the homeless? It’s complicated

#SEAHomeless: Eastside Urban Rest Stop

#SEAHomeless: Fleeing Home from Domestic Violence

#SEAHomeless: Night Owl Bus Rider – Sleeping on the Bus

24/7 Homeless shelter for couples, friends to open in Seattle

Nonprofit helps house homeless young women in Tacoma

Want city money for homeless services? Prove you get results

Cat Mary

Homeless camps are good: we need more of them

Homeless on wheels

Where do you go when the land under your home is sold and your home is worthless?

How to Talk to Your Kids About Homelessness

Access Denied: What happens when barriers are lifted

Fifty-bed shelter closure canceled

From advocate to lawmaker: Real Change vendor Lisa Sawyer interviews Rep. Nicole Macri

The BLOCK Project, a novel approach to end homelessness

City of Seattle’s Navigation Team

CityStream: Rex Hohlbein

A History of Homelessness in Seattle

Homeless as a family: Fighting for stability

Homeless to $115K salary: Tech worker who lived in SF shelter creates app for homeless, lands job

Seattle’s RV dwellers: A stone’s throw from homeless

#SeaHomeless: What you need to know about Seattle’s continuing crisis

Women in Black: They stand vigil, speak the names of Seattle area’s homeless who’ve died

‘You just hit this wall’: The long road taken by many in a ‘rapid’ homeless housing program

Can ‘Rapid Rehousing’ Work If Rents Keep Soaring in Seattle?

What We Learned From Yesterday’s Media Blitz on Homelessness

Megan Rapinoe turns attention toward youth homelessness

Othello Residents Concerned With Seattle’s Shift Away From Transitional Housing

Taste This, Seattle: A Sandwich, a Security Guard, and a Realization, #SeaHomeless Edition

Solving the Youth Homelessness Puzzle

#SeaHomeless: A City Without Homes

#SeaHomeless: Revisiting Mary’s Place in White Center, the shelter that almost wasn’t

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