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White River school employee charged with first degree theft

Between collecting other families' money and failing to pay his dues, Victor Robbins, 44, kept more than $20,000 from the White River School District.


Alleged bank shooter recently released from jail

Last week, a 24-year old man wrestled a bank security guard to the ground before shooting him twice and turning the gun on himself. New information shows the shooter had only been freed from jail just two days before the incident.


Judge rules medical school can’t reject deaf student

Zachary Featherstone sued a Yakima medical school after it admitted him, and then rescinded the admission because the school believed his deafness would endanger students and patients. A judge has ordered the school to allow Featherstone to begin taking classes, but the case has yet to be fully settled. 


Seattle officials to urge FAA to enforce drone rules

After a video of the Space Needle filmed from a drone stirred controversy, Seattle officials are hoping to push the Federal Aviation Administration to enforce stricter regulations of unmanned aircrafts.


Pew Research Center: Incarceration rates may be black and white

The Pew Research Center reports: 26% of African-American men without high school diplomas were behind bars in 2010. 

Bank shootout in Central District leaves 2 wounded

A suspected robber and a security guard were hurt in the shooting in front of the Bank of America at 23rd & Jackson.


Seattle police snare man who escaped series of sex charges in Pierce County

The 56-year-old man is charged with propositioning a detective posing as a 15-year-old girl and sending photos of a home "dungeon" he hoped to use with her.


Pot tourism's best destination? It's looking like Barcelona

Amsterdam's clubs are earning a bad rep on the quality of their offerings, leading many tourists to Spain.


UN seeks refugee status for undocumented kids fleeing to US
UN officials want the thousands of children migrants flooding into the US to be classified as refugees. While the UN resolution wouldn't have legal teeth in the US, the hope is that it will ratchet up pressure on the American and Mexican governments to accept children seeking asylum.


Seattle police officer accused of child molestation

A police officer was arrested Monday on suspicion of child molestation.  


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