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    Seattle Foundation Partnership

    About 'Get Involved'

    The Seattle Foundation and Crosscut Public Media (www.Crosscut.com) have joined forces to encourage learning about public affairs in the Puget Sound region, thus supplying citizens with information and increasing the opportunity for a more knowledgeable and engaged community. The effort is supported by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.


    A key component to the partnership is the “Get Involved” box, which can be found with many stories running on Crosscut.com. This 24/7 feature includes links to Crosscut stories and to more information at The Seattle Foundation web site.


    The Get Involved box, which we sometimes call the “Activation Engine” because it is meant to help people take action, generates links to a constantly rotating list of charitable organizations that The Seattle Foundation has reviewed.


    Since The Seattle Foundation has reviewed hundreds of non-profits, the Get Involved box provides a random, constantly changing list of up to three charities to appear. If a reader clicks back later, he or she will almost always see a different set of non-profits. In some cases, however, an editor may choose a limited set of non-profits to concentrate attention on one or more of particular relevance to the story.


    Readers can also explore the Foundation’s work in a specific area, or visit TSF’s web page to make a donation. Another link allows the reader to access additional Crosscut coverage of the topic.


    The software for the Get Involved box was developed by Web Collective, working with Crosscut, and Redmond Technology Partners (RedTech), The Seattle Foundation’s web consultant.

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