The ultimate website to organize your life

Just tell it everything you know about yourself, and it takes care of the rest of your life.
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One of the old ferries: down again.

Just tell it everything you know about yourself, and it takes care of the rest of your life.

My wife has suggested, or perhaps predicted, a new website or app. It would be titled In My Way and work like this. You would sign in, establish a user name and code, and then submit all of your details. Model of car, make and year of roof shingles, dentist/doctor/healer/masseuse/urologist etc. for you and each family member.

Also: faucet types, cat type, bedding type, model and make of all electronics, frying pan type, garden details, planting intentions, wall coverings, sports teams, sports played, soccer clubs, airlines preferred, bank loans, mortgage, all about your food (what mayonnaise, water, meat, fish, soy sauce, pickle, bread,oil, asparagus, grape etc.), your address, what routes you take and when, what buses, trains, rails, what lunch you hope for, movies, theatre, wine....

The temptation, of course, would be for the site to then alert you to sales on any particular — and boy would there be sales. But we are shooting for higher fish than that, shooting for what would or will get IN YOUR WAY as you head out to seize the day. You will get a ticker-tape like report, part time specific and part general but just in, rolling along with, a kind of infodata Athene:

  • HOV lane at Lynnwood closed this AM until 10/2011; 10/2011 is 14 months away
  • Dr. Spector office has head lice infest, five families arrived together, your son's check-up delayed 40 minutes to 11:35 AM
  • Wood industry now recommends that all #3 cedar roof shingles never be pressure washed
  • Le Pichet closed for lunch: Bob Peterson is taking their annual staff photo
  • Auto registration for the Ford pickup was never paid; you are driving with expired plates
  • Consumer Reports confirms rabbits will not eat the peeled baby carrots
  • Virginia ST from 1st Ave to 4th being paved on 8/18; no parking 8/14-8/24
  • Soccer for ECFC U15 practice moved to Shoreline, Upper Field
  • Pence peaches now at Brix sugar level 15
  • Airfare to Europe down 3 percent; to Mexico, down 14 percent
  • Full moon one week from today
  • Rain storms at your daughter's university, false alarm re intruder
  • Your mortgage 2.6 points higher than available from Umpqua; last re-fi 1986; you are paying $989 more per month on current mortgage.
  • Deadhead the rhododendrons.
  • Young woman assaulted in bus tunnel, then convicted of taking her friend's mother's car, applies and is accepted into university and says thank you
  • Ferry Kalakala is down, rerouting from Edmonds until 2 pm
  • Valhalla purified water is Everett tap water and can cause stomach discomfort in some. Spring water recommended
  • "Ruined" is sold out at Intiman but there are still tickets for last performance at the door; be there by 4:30
  • 520 bridge closed midnight Friday-midnight Sunday for repairs. 60 Acres soccer, two matches Saturday, alternate route Kenmore
  • Sweden apologizes to Stieg Larsson partner, she accepts and releases fourth book but will appear only on iPAD in Swedish. American release, also on iPAD, 18 months later
  • Whidbey Island Rosato is sold out for season. Fresh blueberries only available for 2-3 more days
  • Your mortgage is now 2.7 points higher

Carpe diem.


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