Hard times and member support for journalism

Is the recession over? It doesn't feel that way. The challenges for journalism certainly continue.

Is the recession over? It doesn't feel that way. The challenges for journalism certainly continue.

Among the economic struggles left over from what is said to have been the end of the recession last year, journalism still faces hard times of its own. 

This week's stories about findings that the recession ended in June 2009 stressed that it certainly doesn't feel like things are going well. Hiring has been particularly slow to bounce back in this weak recovery, including here in Washington.

Traditional forms of journalism, as many have said, aren't likely to recover from the hits they have taken in the downturn. That's one reason it's so important for new forms of publishing news and commentary to take hold, especially in this precarious economic environment where it's important for all of us to think clearly about the public-policy choices confronting us.

Out of the deep difficulties of change for news publications, we believe, it will eventually be possible for journalism to thrive in new forms that are even more closely connected to the public's concerns and needs. But getting there isn't easy. To provide news and discussion of the Northwest's issues as a nonprofit, independent operation, Crosscut's current membership drive is vital.

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