Letter to Editor: Protect ferry workers

Why do politicians want to pick on hard-working staffers?

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Why do politicians want to pick on hard-working staffers?

Doesn't it bother folks that Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen and her sidekicks want to change so many state laws to shaft ferry employees? The same employees that didn't take their cost-of-living raise to help the state while at the same time WSF management took their 10 percent raises.

Did any politician give up their pay raise? What a bunch of hypocrites! Sounds like a right-to-work state is not far off. Didn't Haugen used to be a Democrat? Didn't the Transportation Commission spend countless dollars on studies of WSF, some done by past WSF managers? Didn't they approve bringing back retired WSF managers at $100 per hour as consultants? Didn't they waste millions of dollars on a new ferry that is flawed?

WSF employees are the most federaly regulated state employees and the Marine Employees Commission has vast knowledge of these requirements and of WSF. They can't be manipulated by either party making them invaluable to taxpayers. WSF pays more for WSF managers parking than the state pays for the MEC.

Wake up, folks, we're being taken for another ride by lawmakers.

I thank ferry workers for caring for the people they serve.

Pete Jones



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